Smelly Hair, Try These

The problem of hair stink is quite common during the summer and humid season. There are various reasons for foul smelling hairs. Excessive sweating can be reason for it. When this odour mixes with the smell of oil applied in hair, for example coconut oil, the result is really awful. Even improper cleaning and excess oil of hairs can aggravate the problem. The bad smell from hair is also produced when scalp has some bacterial or fungal infection. The growth of bacteria/fungus make hair stink. Here are few tips that help to remove and prevent bad smell from hair or scalp.

  • Shampoo with Antimicrobial shampoo
    The smell of hair or scalp can be due to fungus or bacteria. In such cases washing hairs with antimicrobial shampoo helps a lot in getting rid of bad smell.
  • Use Powder shampoo
    Powder shampoos are directly applied on scalp and absorbs excess oil and dirt. This takes away hair greasiness and makes them oil free. 
  • Regularly wash and condition hairs
    Regularly wash and condition hairs. This will clean hairs and will prevent bad smell due to sweat.
  • Do proper hair drying
    After every wash make sure to dry your hairs completely as humidity promotes growth of fungus and bacteria.
  • Simple Apple cider vinegar remedy
    Apple cider vinegar is also helpful for smelly scalp. It has antifungal properties. It also restores pH balance of scalp. Mix 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar in 21/2 cup water. Apply this mix in your hair for a few months.

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