Shikakai (Acacia Concina) for hair wash

Know what are benefits and uses of Shikakai in Ayurveda. It is natural shampoo to wash hair. Learn how to use Shikakai to wash hair.

Acacia Concina is prickly shrub, thorny climber which is found in tropical forests of India.  Shikakai is well-known as natural hair cleanser.  It has hair strengthening and conditioning properties and prevents dandruff.  Shikakai is also used as soap for washing silk and woollen fabrics.

shikakai for hair

General Information

Botanical name: Acacia sinuata (Lour.), A.concinna DC.
English name: Soap Fruit, Soap pod, Soap nut
Sanskrit: Saptala
Hindi: Shikakai

Benefits of using Shikakai for hair wash

  • Hair cleanser which produces less lather
  • Does not removes natural oil of hairs
  • Cures scalp infections, dandruff, lice
  • No need to use conditioner
  • Natural low pH
  • Extremely mild
  • Makes hair stronger and checks hair loss

Method of using Shikakai for hair wash

There are various methods by which you can use Shikakai for washing your hairs. You may simply soak shikakai powder in hot water, in proportion of 1:6 (one measure of shikakai powder and six measure of water) for a few hours then use it hair washing.
You can also prepare homemade shampoo from Shikakai by adding few ingredients which you can preserve in a bottle for later use. .

Recipes for making homemade herbal Shikakai shampoo

1- Shampoo using  powder of Shikakai, green gram and fenugreek powder

  • Take two measure of Shikakai powder, one measure of green gram powder and half measure of methi seed powder.
  • Mix all powders and store on a bottle.
  • For washing hairs, take this powder (1 tablespoon), add some boiling water, let it cool and use to wash hairs.
  • This produces very less lather but has the ability to clean hairs.

2- Shampoo using Reetha nuts, Skikakai powder, Amla powder each 50 grams

  • Take some reetha nuts and soak in water at night.
  • Next morning, mash the reetha and filter the solution.
  • Add Shikakai powder (1 teaspoon) and use to wash hairs.

3- Shampoo using Shikakai powder, Amla powder, Dried and powdered curry leaves, Dried and powder orange peel, Fenugreek powder

  • Take all ingredients in equal amount.
  • Mix well and store in a container.
  • For washing hairs, soak or boil in water. Let it cool down and use to wash hairs.
  • For good results it is recommended that you soak herbal shampoo powder (10-15 grams) in water at night. Next morning boil it and when lukewarm use to wash hairs.

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