Hibiscus is Effective in Hair Care

Hibiscus is very good flowering plant for healthy hairs. It has very amazing effects in premature hair fall, dandruff, hair graying and baldness. Learn methods to use this flower plant for healthy hair.

Gudhal(Hibiscus) is used traditionally for hair care. Its leaves and flower are useful in promoting hair growth. This plant has softening and anti-greying effect on hairs. Hibiscus is also used as ingredients of various hair care products. Hibiscus leaf juice is useful in hair wash and conditioning. This removes excess hair oil, cures scalp infection and nourishes hair.

Hibiscus or Gudhal is useful in premature hair fall, dandruff, hair greying and baldness. For the medicinal purpose red Hibiscus is used.

Scientific Classification:

Latin name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Kingdom – Plantae, Division – Magnoliophyta, Class – Magnoliopsida, Order – Malvales, Family – Malvaceae, Genus – Hibiscus, Species – Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Common names of Hibiscus

Chinese hibiscus, China rose, Shoe-Black, Shoeback-plant

Vernacular names

Sanskrit: Japa, Java, Rudra pushpam
Hindi: Jasut, Jasun, Gudhal
Bengali: Joba
Marathi: Dasindacha phula, Jasavanda
Gujarati: Jasuva
Telugu: Java pushapamu, Dasana
Tamil: Separuti
Kannada: Dasavala
Malayalam: Chembarati
Oriya: Mondaro
Assami: Joba
Punjabi: Jasun

Here is, how you can use flowers and leaves of Hibiscus or Gudhal for hair care at home

  • Hibiscus leaves and flowers can be soaked in some water for an hour. Do not discard water but use this in grinding. Grind to get thick paste.  Use this paste for massaging scalp and leave for 1-2 hours. Wash with plain water. This helps to control hair fall, dandruff and acts as a shampoo.
  • Hibiscus flowers can be used to prepare herbal hair conditioner. For this purpose, grind flowers of Hibiscus (6-10) with water (100 ml). Use this for washing hairs. This acts as hair conditioner and helps to soften hairs.
    You can also prepare conditioner by grinding together tulsi leaves, hibiscus leaves and flowers together. Use this as shampoo and conditioner.
  • Hibiscus leaves can be used for treating dull and dry hairs. For this purpose, take Hibiscus leaves (20 gms) and curry leaves (20 gms). Wash these leaves and grind to prepare a paste by adding water in small amount. Massage hair and scalp with this paste and rinse thoroughly.
  • You can prepare medicated oil using Hibiscus. Collect its flower and dry them. Now boil in coconut oil. This makes good hair dye and nourishes hair. Olive oil can also be used for oil preparation.
    Or take fresh leaves and flowers of hibiscus and extract juice. Mix this juice in coconut oil. The ratio of juice and coconut oil will be 1:2. Boil the oil, till all water gets evaporated. Daily apply this oil in scalp.
    The hibiscus medicated oil prevents premature hair fall and promotes new hair growth.

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