10 best things you can do for strong hairs

Every person wants beautiful, strong and healthy hair after all these are inseparable part of good looks. Although good diet is key for strong hairs but the role of external factors influencing the hair strength cannot be denied.

Here are ten tips that can help you to prevent hair damage and keeping your hairs strong

  1. Proper oiling

    Apply lukewarm hair oil in hairs before every wash. Massage your hairs with coconut or some medicated oil at night and wash off next morning.

  2. Massaging technique

    Massage hair gently. Do not rigorously rub hairs. It is better to avoid massaging if you are suffering from severe hair fall.

  3. Cleaning hairs

    Wash your hairs frequently depending on the requirements to remove dirt, dandruff and to keep scalp clean and healthy. Hairs require at least one wash in a week to remove build-up of salt on scalp.

  4. Selection of Shampoo

    Everyone uses shampoo for hair cleaning. It is important to select shampoo wisely. Always mild, pH-balanced shampoo should be used which suits your hair type. The use of anti-dandruff shampoo for the long duration should be avoided as that can cause hair greying and roots damage.

  5. Wet hairs

    Try to avoid combing of hairs immediately after washing. Wet hairs are more prone to get damaged. Dry off water with towel and then gently try to remove tangles. For combing hairs use e a wide-toothed comb.

  6. Hair processing

    Avoid using blow dryers, curling irons and straighteners. Even if you require to use hair straightener then try to use it not more than twice a month. Also do not leave hair rollers overnight as that leads to hair breakage and damage.

  7. Use of gels

    Styling gels should be avoided as everyday use leaves hair dry and brittle.

  8. Hair treatments

    Avoid frequent hair coloring, curling and straightening. Artificial colors damages hair shafts and cause dried and brittle hairs. At a time do not go for multiple hair treatments.

  9. Cap while swimming

    While swimming protect your hairs by wearing cap. If you are not using cap then wash your hairs with shampoo after every session.

  10. Hair protection

    Always protect hairs from harsh environmental factors such as sun and cold. While using two wheelers tie your hairs and use scarf which prevents hair damage from air.

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