Wheat Germ Oil for Skin Care

Wheat germ oil is very nutritive and suitable of all type of skin. It is very rich in vitamin E content and is excellent in skin care. Know it's benefits and how you can use this oil.

Wheat Germ Oil is unrefined vegetable oil extracted from fresh germ of wheat kernel. Germ is part of wheat grain that provides all necessary nutrition to new germinating plant. The appearance of oil is golden-yellow to brownish. It has strong aroma of wheat. This oil is very nutritive and contains vitamin E, vitamin A, vegetable lecithin, essential fatty acids and protein. It is a very rich in vitamin E content and is excellent in skincare.

Wheat germ oil

You can apply wheat germ oil directly on skin. It can be used to prepare home-made massage oil. For this purpose, this oil should be mixed with some other vegetable oil such as almond oil, sesame oil or jasmine oil.

Wheat-Germ oil Benefits for the skin./h2>

  • This natural oil is very nutritive and rich in vitamins (especially vitamin E which is an antioxidant) required by skin.
  • This oil can easily penetrate in skin and thus helps in nourishment, rejuvenation and cell regeneration.
  • This oil is suitable for all skin types.
  • This oil is boon for dry, and aging skin.
  • The topical application of oil on skin helps to sooth and moisturize skin.
  • The oil improves skin condition, elasticity and firmness.
  • This oil promotes natural renewal of the skin cells, normalizes skin’s moisture level.
  • This oil also useful in reducing skin blemishes, marks, sunburns, and stretch marks.

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