Vaipani Sahcher Skin Cream

Learn about Vaipani Sahcher Skin Cream herbal ingredients and usage to treat various skin infections and prevent skin infections.

Vaipani Sahcher Skin Cream made from Neem & other Natural herbs. This cream helps skin from irritation, Fungal and Bacterial infections. Very effective on Hyper Pigmentation, Under Eye Dark Circles, Butterfly patches, Stretch marks, etc.

Key Ingredients:

Barleria Prionitis, Melia Azadirachta(Neem), Argemone Mexicana(prickly poppy), Cocculus Hirsutus and Cream Base q.s.

1. Argemone Mexicana leaves decoction is used to cure malarial fever, ulcers and skin problems. Its root is diuretic, alterative, anodyne and is used in chronic skin diseases. Its seeds are laxative, expectorant and demulcent.

2. Neem leaves are effective in curing dermatitis eczema, acne, bacterial, fungal infections and other skin disorders. Neem leaves are general antiseptic. The leaves are good for blood circulation and blood purification.

3. The leaves of Cocculus Hirsutus are mucilaginous due to which water is required for their juice extraction. They have cooling effect on body and are useful in female disorders, general weakness, skin diseases, etc.

Direction to use:

It can be used as a effective product for the skin problems like chapped skin, cracked nipples, cuts, skin irritation & pigmentation. Clean nipple with clean water before breastfeeding.

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