Use Fruits to Treat Headache

Headache is very common symptom of various health problem. It can be due to any thing like ill-health, migraine, nausea and many others. Most of these headache can be treated naturally using fruits in your kitchen.

Lemon Juice

Lemon is a specific for headache due to nausea and taking juice of three to four slices of lemon squeezed in a cup of tea stops such pain in no time. Similarly relief can be effected by putting in a spoonful of lemon juice in a cup of strong coffee.

Lemon jest Plaster for Headache

Lemon crust which is thrown away as useless substance is found to be very efficacious for relie­ving headache that occurs due to heat. Lemon crusts should be bruised into a fine paste in a mortar and applied as plaster on the fore-head; this not only relieves headache due to heat but migraine too. Similarly the kernel of gourd rubbed into a thin plaster and applied on the forehead stops headache in a few minutes.

Ripe Red Apple

Finely ripe apple should be eaten with a little salt every morning at empty stomach. Doing it for  five to seven days consecutively, cures even the chronic cases of headache.


To treat migraine drink ripe grapes juice regularly for 12-3 weeks. This will cure migraine pain. In unani medicine system grape juice is recommended for migraine treatment.

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