Unani Medicine Marham Quba

Marham Quba is an Unani medicine used in treatment of skin disorders like eczema, p and fungal infections.

Marham-e-Quba is an Unani medicine. It is a Marham and useful in the treatment of Quba (Ring worm) and skin diseases. In Unani Pharmacy, Marham is the term used for Ointment. It is a semisolid preparation for external use. Marham are generally applied topically on skin diseases.

Unani System of medicine evolved in Greece and was first introduced to India by the Arabs. It is also called as Greco-Arab medicine, Unani Tibb, Arabian medicine, or Islamic medicine. Hippocrates is known as the father of this system of medicine. The theoretical framework of Unani medicine is based on his teachings.

It is a traditional medicinal system and commonly practiced in South Asia. The origins of Unani medicines are found in the doctrines of the ancient Greek physicians Hippocrates and Galen. It was later developed and refined through systematic experiment by the Arabs. Unani medicines are prepared from medicinal plants, minerals, animals products, etc. In Unani medicine, single drugs or their combinations in raw forms are preferred over compound formulations. The naturally occurring drugs used in this system are usually free from any side effects.

Ingredients of Marham Quba

Lead Peroxide 50 gram, Zinc Oxide 50 gram, Soap 200 gram, Mustard Oil 1.2 kg, Wax 350 grams, Mercuric iodide 20 gram

Important Therapeutic Uses of Marham Quba

  1. Psoriasis
  2. Eczema
  3. Ringworm
  4. Fungal infections

How to use Marham Quba

  1. This medicine is only for external use.
  2. It is applied topically on the affected skin area.

This medicine is available from Hamdard (Marham Quba).


  1. Dr. Imtiyaz ahmad

    Quba is a best medicine

  2. Quba best medicine

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