Trivang Bhasma details

Trivang Bhasma is an Ayurvedic metallic preparation containing calcinated/Bhasmas of Naga (lead), Vanga (tin) and Yashada (zinc) in equal quantities. It is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus, urinary disorders, impotence and nervous disorders. This medicine is tonic for reproductive and urinary system. Trivang Bhasma has antiseptic properties and it especially works on urinary and genital organs. It is given with Shilajit and honey to treat all 20 types of Prameha.

Ingredients of Trivang Bhasma

Trivang Bhasma contains three bhasma of following metals:

  • Vanga (Tin)
  • Naga (Lead)
  • Yashad (Zinc)

Vanga (Tin) Bhasma: Tin is known as Vang in Ayurveda. Vang Bhasma is used in the treatment of diabetes, Prameh, Medorog, the liver diseases, cough, respiratory ailments, impotence, nerves weakness, spermatorrhoea, etc. Its intake improves appetite, digestion, and health. It is useful in diseases that are caused by vitiation of Pitta, and Kapha.

Naga (lead) Bhasma: Lead is known as Nag or Sisa in Ayurveda. Nag Bhasma is used in the treatment of diabetes, Prameha, diseases of eyes, digestive disorders, urinary disorders, diseases of the liver and spleen, etc. Nag bhasma is a Rasayan. It improves appetite. It has beneficial effect in urinary tract disorders, impotence, nerves weakness and diseases caused by vitiated Vata and Kapha.

Yashad (Zinc) Bhasma: Zinc is known as Yashad. Yashad Bhasma, is used in the treatment of diabetes, prameha, jaundice, respiratory ailments, cough, wound, Parkinson, etc. It increases strength, potentiality, intellect and alleviates diseases caused by vitiated Kapha and Pitta.

Uses of Trivang Bhasma

Trivang Bhasma contains oxides of Lead, Tin and Zinc as major elements and some other minor elements oxides like Silicon, iron, Aluminum, Copper, Calcium, potassium, Magnesium, etc. It also contains some other compounds like metallic phosphate, sulphate, etc.

These metals are required in the body for proper functioning. For example, Zinc is found in cells throughout the body. It is required for better immunity. It plays a role in cell division, cell growth, wound healing, and the breakdown of carbohydrates. Zinc is also needed for the senses of smell and taste.

Trivang Bhasma, is widely used in Ayurveda for the treatment of impotence, nervous disorders and as a tonic in genitourinary diseases. It improves sperm production, gives strength to nerves, and prevent spermatorrhoea. In diabetes, its use gives relief in pain in joints, digestive weakness, bloating, pain in head, stomach ache, etc.

Trivang Bhasma especially works on urinary and reproductive organs. It improves fertility in female and gives strength to uterus.

Trivang Bhasma is indicated in diabetes, prameha, nerves weakness, cough, respiratory ailments, bleeding disorders, diseases of the skin, digestive impairment, general weakness, leucorrhoea and for improving fertility in both male and female.

  • Urinary disorders, Urinary tract infection
  • Diabetes, all twenty types of prameha
  • Leucorrhoea (Shevt pradar)
  • Gynecological problems

The Dosage of Trivang Bhasma

125-250 mg once or twice a day with honey and fresh cream/butter in prameha, diabetes; with Vasa or Arusa juice in cough, phlegm, asthma, bleeding disorders, leprosy, Prameha, digestive weakness and loss of strength or as directed by a physician.

Trivang Bhasma is manufactured by Baidyanath and Patanjali Divya pharmacy.

This medicine is also known as Trivanga bhasma, Triwanga Bhasma, Tribang Bhasma.

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