Stanyajanana Kashay Health benefits

Stanyajanana Kashaya is ayurvedic concentrated kwath churna made by ayurvedic herbs. It is very good to induce breast milk in mother for neonatal. It stimulates mammary glands to produce good amount of breast milk in lactating mothers.

Due to many modern life style changes and other factors many mothers face problems initially in lactation. In ayurveda for inducing lactation many natural herbs and diet are recommended. Stanyajanana Kashaya is very good formulation of best herbs to induce breast milk in mothers.

Ingredients of Stanyajanana Kashay

ushir, sati, swastika, iksubalika, kush(Saccharum spontaneum), kasa(Saccharum spontaneum), itkata(Sesbania bispinosa), kattrna, etc.

Stanyajanan Kashay Dose

24 ml, one or two times daily before of after meals. It is always better to consul a ayurvedic doctor.

Note: In starting months most of the mother’s face problem like not enough lactation, pain, etc. But you should not give up take ayurvedic medicines and herbs which are good for lactation.

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