Siddha Makardhwaj Uses, Ingredients & Dosage

Makardhwaj is an important Kupipakwa Rasayana of Ayurveda. Here Kupipakwa denotes the special method of Ayurvedic medicine preparation involving heating in glass bottle. Makaradhwaj is prepared by combining Swarna (gold), Parada (mercury) and Gandhaka (sulfur) in different ratios (1:8:16, 1:8:24 and 1:2:4). Chemically mercury and sulfur are present in combined form as red sulphide of mercury and this combination remains uncombined with gold. It is a sublimed product made from pure mercury, sulfur and gold. In Siddha Makardhwaj, Swarn or gold is taken 4 parts, Parad or mercury 8 parts and gandhak 16 parts. For preparing Makardhwaj, mercury and gold leaf are mixed together to form an amalgam. To this sublimed sulfur is added and the resulting mixture is ground very thoroughly in a stone mortar for twenty-four hours or more until the whole is converted to a lustreless, fine, powder of uniform consistency. This mixture is then placed in a narrow mouthed bottle and is gradually heated on a sand bath. On heating, the bottle is filled with reddish fumes of various hues. On cooling Makardhwaj is found deposited in the inner surface of the neck of the bottle.

Siddha Makardhwaj is Tonic, aphrodisiac, alterative, stimulant, anti-aging and balances three dosha. It is said to be one of the best medicine of Ayurveda. It gives vigour and youth. Its regular intake gives strength to the body and heart. Makaradhwaj cures debility due to illness and increases weight.

Siddha Makardhwaj is indicated in various clinical conditions. It is aphrodisiac and nutrient to the body and mind with adapto-immuno-neuro-endocrino-modulator properties.

This medicine is a tonic that increases longevity. It improves immunity and overall health. Siddha Makardhwaj increases the red blood corpuscles.

It is a very famous and widely used aphrodisiac of Ayurveda. It improves sexual potency, vigour and fertility. It is a good medicine to treat impotence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other similar clinical condition related to the reproductive system of males.

This medicine is also indicated in rheumatoid arthritis, neurological disorders, weakness of the heart, senility/progeriasis, fever, digestive impairment, etc. it is believed intake of siddha Makardhwaj shows a beneficial effect in wrinkles in skin, greying of hair and diseases due to old age. It cures diseases and gives longevity.

This medicine is also effective in treating tuberculosis, pneumonia and intense cough.

The recommended dose of Siddha Makardhwaj is 62mg-120mg with juice of betel leaf/milk/ honey. This medicine contains mineral ingredients and must be taken only under strict medical supervision.


  1. What is the dose & how long should one use it for anti ageing purpose?

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