Shiva Gutika Health benefits

Shiva Gutika is an Ayurvedic medicinal tonic which contains several herbs and minerals and is very good for Rejuvenating our body and other age related chronic disorders.

Ingredients of Shiva Gutika

Shudh Shilajeet, Trifla, Bala, Mulethi, Patol Patra, Dashmool, Giloy, Kakoli, Shir kakoli, Gomutra, Meda, Maha Meda, Vidari, Shir vidari, Shatavar, Swet Jeerak, Krishna Jeerak, Gorakhmundi, Shalparni, Rasna, Pushkarmool, Chitrakmool, Dantimool, Gajpippal, Inderjao, Chavya, Nagarmotha, Kutki, KaliMirch, Saunth, Pippal, Talispatra, Shakkar, Honey, Chotti Elaichi.

Health benefits of Shiva Gutika

As this herbal product is rich in polyphenols, especially flavones and tannins, this is full of antioxidants and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Shiva Gutika is very effective for following health problems

Good Rejuvinator, Metrorrhagia, Tuberculosis, Fever, Vaginal disorders, Enlargement of the spleen, Piles, Anemia, Gout, Jaundice, Diabetes, Liver disorders, Malignance, bronchitis, cough, Skin diseases, Obesity, Excess sweating and many more.

The Dose of Shiva gutika

2 Tab twice a day or as directed by the physician for the long terms more than 1 uear.

This is very good health tonic for every only especially for aging people. As of now there is no known side effects of this medicine is taken in prescribed dosage.

Should be taken for 1 year for best result as natural medicines works slowly to repair of the body.

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