Sheet Bhanji Ras Ingredients, Uses, Dosage

Sheet Bhanji Ras is a herbo-mineral/metallic formulation or Ras Aushadhi of Ayurveda. The main ingredient of Rasa aushadi is Shuddha Parada along with the other components. Parad or mercury is used only after proper purification which is done by Shodhana, Mardana (grinding), Swedana (vaporising), Prakshalana (performing frequent ablutions), Galana (straining fluids), etc. The processing detoxifies mercury and brings about the physical and chemical changes in the drug, thus enhance their therapeutic efficiency.

Sheet Bhanji Ras is prepared from Parad, Gandhak, Hingula, and Jamalghota (each ingredient is purified). For preparing this medicine, first Kajjali of Parad and Gandhak is prepared. Then Hingula and Jamalghota fine powder is added and triturated in Dantimula Kwath. Finaaly pills of 1 ratti are rolled.

Here is given more about Sheet Bhanji Ras such as indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Sheet Bhanji Ras

Each 1 part: Shuddha Parad (Purified Mercury), Shuddha Gandhak (Purified Sulphur), Shuddha Hingul (Purified Cinnabar), Shuddha Jamalghota;

Uses of Sheet Bhanji Ras

Sheet Bhanji Ras is considered excellent medicine for cold fever and fever associated with shivering. This medicine can be given for treating Malaria in place of Quinine. It is also beneficial in various types of fever such as Malaria, Fever coming on every third day, fourth day or on every alternative day.

Sheet Bhanji Ras contains jamalghota, which has purgative action and therefore use of medicine also gives relief in constipation.

The Dosage of Sheet Bhanji Ras

The recommended dosage of Sheet Bhanji Ras is ½ to 1 tablet (125 mg –250 mg ) in the morning and evening with Mishri or Betel leaf juice or Tulsi juice or Honey or Ginger juice or as directed by the Physician. Or take as directed by a physician.


This medicine is contraindicated in pregnancy, children, and weak person.

Take this medicine in direct medical supervision.

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