Shankhpushpi Sharbat is useful for brain healthy

Shankhpushpi Sharbat is a herbal preparation. It is a brain tonic and useful in curing various problems related to brain such as poor memory, mental fatigue, insomnia, etc. For preparing Shankhpushpi Sharbat, herbs Shankhpushpi (125 gm) and brahmi (30 gm) are soaked in three liter water at night. Next morning this is cooked till one liter water get evaporated. Then it is filtered and five kilogram sugar, preservative and color is added to get Shankhpushpi Sharbat.

Shankhpushpi Sharbat is manufactured by various Ayurvedic pharmacies. Some pharmacies add brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, make it more effective.

Ingredients of Shankhpushpi Sharbat

Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Shatavari

Uses of Shankhpushpi Sharbat

  1. Brain tonic
  2. Stress, anxiety, tension, stress
  3. Insomnia/sleeplessness
  4. Weak memory/forgetfulness, Dementia, poor concentration
  5. Headache due to mental work
  6. Epilepsy, mania, hysteria, nervous debility

The Dosage of Shankhpushpi Sharbat

Mix 10-20 ml of Shankhpushpi Sharbat with a sufficient amount of water and drink twice a day.

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