Sahacharadi Kuzhambu Oil

Sahacharadi Kuzhambu is an Ayurvedic Medicated Massage Oil which is helpful in alleviating pain and cramping in the lower extremities. It is Vata reducing, hence any joint or muscle aching which maybe a problem, can be naturally assisted with this oil.

Key Ingredients

Ingredients: Sesame oil, Cow’s ghee, Castor Oil, Blue Fox Tail, Dasamula-Ten Roots(Gumhar, Indian Bael, Stereospermum Colais, Oroxylum, Premna, Salpani, Pseudartharia Viscida, Indian Nightshade, Yellow Berried Nightshade, Puncture Vine, Wild Asparagus, Country Fig, Jujube, Costus, Hima, Cardamom, Malabar Cat, Mint, Foxtail Millet, Nalika, Indian plectranthus, Japan Wood, Nalada, Deodar, Kopana, Fennel, Oriental Sweet Gum, Nata, Cow Milk, Silaja.


Contraction, Varicose vein, Tremors, Hemiplegia, Muscular pain Weakness, Convulsions.

Directions of Use

For external use only. Apply slightly heated on body parts 1 hour before bathing.

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