Parachute Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil

Parachute Advansed Gold Hair oil, contains well known herbal ingredients for hair care. It nourishes hair and makes them healthy. Learn about it's ingredients and usage.

Parachute Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil is a hair oil from Marico India. As per the manufacturer, this oil control hair fall and grows hair long. The base oil in this medicated oil is Til or Sesame oil. The herbal ingredient are Amla, Aloe Vera, Henna, Nagarmotha, and Methi. It also contains coconut oil as an ingredient. This oil is massaged on scalp. Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition and how to use.

Ingredients of Parachute Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil

  1. Amla 11.46 gram
  2. Ghritkumari 5.73 gram
  3. Mehndi 2.29 gram
  4. Nagarmotha 2.29 gram
  5. Coconut oil 3 ml
  6. Sesame oil Quantity Sufficient
  7. Sugandhit Dravya QS
  8. Excipients QS
  9. CI 61565 QS

Amla is antioxidant and antibacterial. It keeps scalp healthy and promotes hair growth. It is excellent in treating premature hair greying. Amla is tonic for hair and makes hair stronger. It checks hair breakage. It protects hair follicles.

Methi, or fenugreek seeds are highly effective in controlling hair fall. It contains antecedents and promotes hair growth. It helps to rebuild hair follicles.

Ghritkumari, or aloe vera promotes hair growth and makes hair soft. It has moisturizing effect. Aloe is also used as hair dye, conditioner, and to check dandruff.

Mehndi is a natural hair dye. It is an effective hair conditioner and makes hair shiny, supple, and manageable. It is a boon for hair.

Nagarmotha, promotes hair growth and controls hair fall.

Benefits of Sesame Oil / Til Taila for hair: Sesame Oil is one of the most popular massage oil. It is used as base oil to prepare Ayurvedic medicated oil. It is heavy, unctuous, bitter, astringent and hot in potency. It contains 8 essential amino acids good for the brain and used for head massage since ancient times. Linoleic acid is also present in Sesame oil. The fatty lecithin present in it, supports healthy hair growth and treats hair dryness and brittleness. Sesame oil nourishes hair and massaging with t helps prevents gray hair and restores natural color.

Uses of Parachute Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil

Parachute Advansed Gold Hair oil, contains well-known herbal ingredients for hair care. It nourishes hair and makes them healthy.

Benefits of Oil as As written on the label:

  1. It controls hair fall.
  2. It promotes hair growth.
  3. It makes hair healthy.
  4. It reduces dandruff.
  5. Massaging with it improves blood circulation.

It is prepared from Taila Pak Vidhi.

What is Taila Pak Vidhi

It is the detailed description given in Ayurveda to prepare medicated oil. Taila means Oil, Pak means cooking and Vidhi is the process. The medicated oils are prepared by prolonged cooking of sesame oil (Sneha dravya) with pasty mass of herbs (Kalka dravya) and decoction of herbs (dravya) in presence of quantity of water. The boiling is done till all the water evaporates and only oil is left. The oil is strained while warm through a muslin cloth and allowed to cool.

How to use Parachute Ayurvedic Gold Hair Oil

  1. This is a hair and applied on scalp.
  2. Massage with oil at night and leave overnight.
  3. This oil for regular hair care.
  4. Use this oil for many months to get visible results.
  5. This oil can be used by everyone.
  6. You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

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