Panchamrit Parpati For Stomach Problems

In Ayurveda term Parpati (means brittle) implies to a specific method of preparing medicinal formulations which disintegrates and gets absorbed in small intestine region and not in stomach. These medicines are used to treat grahni related problems and low appetite. Panchamrut Parpati is such medicine containing Parad and Gandhak mixture (mostly Kajjali or the black sulphide of mercury) along with Lauh, abhrak and Tamra Bhasma.

Detail of ayurvedic Panchamrit Parpati uses, ingredients, dosage to treat various stomach related health problems.

Ingredients of Panchamrit Parpati

Parad 1 Part, Shudha Gandhak 2 Parts, Loha Bhasma 1 Part, Abhrak Bhasma 1 Part, Tamra Bhasma 1 Part

Panchamrut Parpati is used in the treatment of following

  • Grahani (Malabsorption sprue syndrome)
  • Colitis, weakness, anemia
  • Improves digestion and appetite
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Cures inflammation of intestine
  • Diarrhoea, dysentery, abdominal pain, low appetite
  • Cough with fever and diarrhea

The Dosage of Panchamrut Parpati

125 mg in the morning and evening on empty stomach with buttermilk, ghee or lukewarm water. In chronic cases of colitis this medicine can be taken for one to three months. It is also useful to add curd, buttermilk and easily digestible food in daily diet.

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