Pancha Jeeraka Gudam Ingredients, Uses, Dosage

Panchajeeraka Gudam is an Ayurvedic Rasayana or tonic for women. It prepared from medicinal herbs, milk, ghee and jaggery or Gud. It contains Jeera, Hapurha, Dhaniya, Sathahwa, Devadaru, Yavani, Krurhbika, Hingu, Karamarda, Pippali, Pippaleemoola, Ajamoja, Bashpika, Chitraka, Kaserukam, Nagaram, Kushtam, Deepyaka, etc.

This classical Ayurvedic preparation nourishes the body, improves digestion, reduces inflammation, cures anemia and respiratory diseases, and makes one healthy.

This medicine is used as health supplement for women to increase weight, treat female reproductive disorders and in post-natal care.

Key Ingredients of Pancha Jeeraka Guda

Jeeraka/ Cuminum cyminum, Hapusha/ Juniperus communis, Dhanyaka/Coriandrum sativum, Shatahvah/ Anethum sowa, Badar/ Zizyphus jujube, Yavani/ Trachespermum ammi, Rajika/ Brassica juncea, Hingupatrika/ Gardenia gummifera, Kasmarda/ Cassia occidentalis, Pippali/ Piper longum linn., Pippalamula/, Piper longum, Ajmoda/ Carum roxburghianum, Chitraka/ Plumbago zeylanica, Kasheruka/ Scirpus grossus, Nagara/ Zingiber officinale, Kushtha/ Saussurea lappa

Ghrita, Godugda, Guda in appropriate quantity.

Preparation: Firstly gud-paka is made by taking guda and ghrita with double quantity of milk and same amount of water. When it becomes thick like Leha then churna of above drugs are added and mixed properly.

Uses of Pancha Jeeraka Gudam

It is used in post-natal care of the mother, uterine troubles, disorders of female reproductive system, flat breasts, low weight, cough, breathing difficulties, fever.

It increases digestive power and assimilation and thus helps in improving weight.

This medicine is indicated in many conditions. Some of them are:

  • Female Infertility
  • Vaginal disorders
  • Post-natal care
  • Under weight
  • Digestive weakness
  • Respiratory ailment
  • Frequent urination
  • Weak immunity, Fatigue, Anemia

The Dosage of Pancha Jeeraka Gudam

This medicine can be taken in a dose of one tablespoon twice daily after meals.

  1. In case it is taken to increase weight, take three times a day.
  2. This medicine should be taken after meals.
  3. Any female above the age of 10-12 years can take it.
  4. Pancha Jeeraka Gudam contains sugar so it should not be used in diabetes.

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