Natural cure for thyroid problems

Thyroid problem is very common nowadays. Here is given natural cure for thyroid problem as told by Yog guru Swami Ramdev ji.

Do Kapalbhati (10-30 mins) and Ujjayi pranayam. This is very beneficial in hyper and hypothyroidism.

Do Sarvang asna and halasan. Thses asna should NOT be performed by persons suffering from cardiac problems, cervical spondylytis.

Press acupressure points below thumb in each palm for two minutes.

Ayurvedic medicines for Thyroid

Take Trikatu churna (50 gm) and mix Prawal pisthi or Godanti Bhasma (10 gm). Take prepared churna (half gram) twice a day with honey.

If weight is increased due to thyroid problem then take Medohar vati (1 tablet twice a day), Kachnaar guggulu and Vridhivadhika vati after meals twice a day.

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  1. Very good combination to cure hypothyroidism.

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