Medicinal use of Rangoon creeper

Some home remedies of Rangoon creeper to treat diseases like Spematorrhoea, Weakness, Leucorrhoea, Parasitic worms etc.

Rangoon creeper or Madhumalti is found in Africa, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and all over India. It is climber vine and used for ornamental purpose. It can be easily found in gardens, park and open areas. It flowers and leaves are used for treating various ailments.

rangoon creeper medicinalusage

General Information

  • Botanical name: Combretum indicum, Quisqualis indica Linn
  • Hindi: Madhu Malti or Madhumalti
  • English: Chinese honeysuckle, Rangoon creeper
  • Marathi: Vilayati chambeli
  • Tamil: Irangun malli

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using Madhu Malti or Rangoon creeper to cure various ailments.

  • Spematorrhoea, Weakness

    Take leaves and flower (3 gms) of Rangoon creeper. Wash to clean dirt and then grind to extract juice. Take this juice twice a day empty stomach.

  • Leucorrhoea

    For treating white discharge or Shwet pradar drink flowers and leaves juice of Rangoon creeper.

  • Diabetes

    Extract 4 ml juice of Rangoon creeper flower or juice of fresh leaves. Drink regularly twice a day. This juice can be added to karela juice.

  • Digestive disorders

    Rangoon creeper leaves juice can be drink to cure digestive disorders. Or chew few leaves of this vine few times a day.

  • Cold, cough, coryza

    Take Rangoon creeper flowers and leaves (1 gm), tulsi leaves, clove in water and prepare decoction. Drink this decoction few times a day.

  • Parasitic worms

    Eat ten seeds of Rangoon creeper two hours before last meal to expel parasite form body. Children should take four seeds only.

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