Medicinal use of Indian acalypha

Indian Acalyphat is traditionally used for treating intestinal worms, gum problems, stomach aches, rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, scabies and skin diseases.

Indian acalypha is medicinal herb which is found in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Yemen and Africa. It grows as weed in waste areas, garden and along roadsides. Studies have proven its antibacterial activity against several gram positive bacteria. In lab experiments on albino rates it shows reversible anti-implantation activity due to some oestrogenic activity. Its ethanol leaf extract possess potent snake venom neutralizing properties. It has marked action on digestive system and respiratory organs.

indian acalypha medicinal uses

In India as well as Africa, it is used as medicinal plant. In West Africa the leaves are cooked and eaten as vegetable. In traditional Tamil Siddha it is believed to rejuvenate the body. Indian acalypha is also eaten by cats to cure constipation and indigestion. The cats search for this plant and chew its leaves and roots.

The plant of Indian acalypha reportedly possesses diuretic, purgative, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anthelmintic properties. This medicinal plant is traditionally used for treating intestinal worms, gum problems, stomach aches, hernia, rheumatism, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, scabies and skin diseases. It can be used externally and internally for medicinal purpose.

  • Botanical name: Acalypha indica Linn.
  • Family: Euphorbiaceae.
  • Habitat: Occurs throughout the plains of India, ascending the hills in Orissa
  • English: Indian Acalypha
  • Ayurvedic: Kuppi, Muktavarchaa, Haritamanjari
  • Siddha/Tamil: Kuppaimeni
  • Folk: Khokli, Kuppi, Aamaabhaaji
  • Common name: Indian copperleaf, India acalypha, Kucing Galak, Cika Mas

Here are few remedies that can be done at home using Indian Acalypha or Indian copperleaf

  • constipation, respiratory problems, phlegm
    Soak few leaves in water for a few hours. Filter and take this water in a dose of 2 teaspoonful. Do not take in excess as this can cause vomiting.
  • Intestinal parasite
    Take fresh leaves of the plant. Wash well and dry completely. Pulverise to prepare powder. Take this powder (¼ to ½ teaspoon) with lukewarm water.
  • Stomach infections
    Take clean leaves and grind with few garlic pods. Take this with rice.
  • Piles
    Prepare fine powder of Indian-acalypha and Tulsi leaves (Ocimum sanctum) in equal amounts. Take this powder (2-3 pinches) with little amount of ghee thrice a day.
  • External use
    Insect bite, Boils, inflammation
    Take fresh leaves of Indian acalypha and prepare a paste. Apply this paste on the affected areas.
  • Skin diseases, eczema, psoriasis, ringworm, tinea versicolor, skin fungal infection
    Grind handful leaves of Indian-acalypha. Add salt (1 teaspoon) in this paste. Externally apply on skin disorders.
  • Headaches
    Apply leaves juice on the affected areas.
  • Muscular pain
    Prepare Indian-acalypha medicated oil. For this purpose extract leaves juice of this medicinal herb. Add this juice in equal amount of sesame oil. Cook this oil, till all water evaporates and only oil remains. Apply thus prepared medicated oil in lukewarm condition.
  • Bed sores
    Dry leaves of Indian acalypha in sun and prepare a powder. Apply this powder on the affected areas to get relief from bed sores.
  • Skin rashes
    Prepare a poultice of its leaves and apply at affected areas.
  • Venereal sore (blisters in the genital area)
    Prepare fine paste of its leaves and apply on the affected areas.
  • Skin wound, itching
    Mix its leaves paste with haldi (turmeric) and apply at affected area.

This plant is absolutely safe for external application. For internal use it should be not be used in excess as that can cause intestinal irritation and vomiting.

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  1. can it be used by patient having lichen planus and Bronchial asthma 73 yr old

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