Medicinal use of Genda(Marigold)

Marigold or Genda is flowering plant and it has many medicinal properties. It has been used both externally and internally both to treat various skin diseases, Urinary problems, piles, kidney stone and  erectile dysfunction.

marigold medicinal uses


Marigold or Genda is a well-known ornamental plant in India. Most of the people are familiar with it as bright orange, beautiful, aromatic flower bearing plant which is grown in gardens and flowers during winter season. But along with that it is a medicinal herb that can be used to treat many common ailments. Its external use is beneficial for skin.

Genda flower can be applied on skin for treating dryness and rejuvenation of skin. Various skin care products contains extracts of Genda flowers. The flowers are also applied on skin for reducing inflammation, healing wounds, and softening skin. The leaves are also of medicinal importance. To know, how to use this garden plant for treating various pathological conditions, read on.

Latin name: Tagetes erecta Linn (African Marigold), Tagetes patula Linn (French Marigold)

Family: Compositae;Asteraceae, English: Big Marigold, Aztec or African Marigold

Ayurvedic: Jhandu, Gendaa,  Unani: Sadbarg, Gul-hazaaraa, Gul-jaafari, Siddha: Thuruksaamanthi

Internal medicinal uses of Marigold

Respiratory problems, Asthma, coughing

  1. The black portion of dried genda flowers is used for this purpose. This is powdered and 2-5 grams is taken with curd, 2-3 times a day.
  2. Genda seed powder and misri is mixed in equal amount. This powder is taken 2-5 grams, 2-3 times a day with water to cure respiratory illness.

Anal prolapse

For Gudbransh or Anal prolapse, Genda leaves (10 g) are cleaned and grinded with 20 ml water. This is filtered and taken twice a day.


  1. For piles, Genda leaves (10 g) are grinded with some  black pepper corns and water. This is filtered and taken orally.
  2. Fry floret of Genda flowers (5-10 grams) in ghee (Clarified butter). Take this 2-3 times a day to stop bleeding in piles.

Urinary problems, scanty urination

In urinary problems such as scanty urination, genda leaves are useful. Take 10 grams of leaves are grinded and mixed with misri. When taken orally 2-3 times a day, helps to cure problem.

Stones in body

For stones or calculi, genda leaves (20 g) are boiled in water and decoction is prepared. This decoction should be taken orally twice a day for few days.

Menorrhagia/ Raktapradar

In Raktapradar, the fresh flower juice is extracted and taken in dosage of 5-10 ml.

Erectile dysfunction

The powder of genda seeds and misri, should be taken with milk twice a day, in dose of 2-5 grams.

External medicinal uses of Marigold

Tooth ache

Prepare decoction of Genda leaves. Put some decoction in mouth and gargle. Do this few times a day.

Pain in ears

Take fresh Genda leaves. Wash under running water to remove dirt, soil and impurities. Extract fresh juice of these leaves and put 2 drops in ear.

Breast swelling

Prepare paste of Genda leaves and apply externally on breasts.

Cracked heels

The leaves juice should be applied on cracked heels.

Sprain, swelling

The juice or paste of genda plant should be applied on affected body part.

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