Malshodhak Churna Uses, Ingredients & Dosage

Malshodhak Churna/Powder is polyherbal Classical Ayurvedic formulation for constipation. This medicinal powder is prepared from many beneficial herbs that help to cleanse the body. It removes the toxins accumulated in alimentary canal through bowel. It not only cures constipation but also improves appetite and digestion. It improves digestive strength and works on whole digestive tract.

Here is given more about Malshodhak Churna such as indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Malshodhak Churna

Mal shodhak Churn is prepared from folllowing ingredients:

An equal amount of each: Haritaki Teminalia chebula, Pippali mula, Pippali, Sunthi dry ginger powder Zingiber officinales, Kala jeera, Nagarmotha, Nishoth, Amla, Bhui amla, Sendha namak, Vaividang, Laung clove, Tej pat, Kuth, Heeng asafoetida, and Chitrak

Method of preparation: All ingredients are taken in equal amount and ground to make a fine powder. The powder is sieved through a cloth and stored for future use.

Uses of Malshodhak Churna

This medicinal powder is purgative in action and cures constipation. The oral intake of it causes the cleaning of digestive tract.

It removes toxins and improves appetite.

It stimulates digestion and assimilation.

Malshodhak Churna is indicated in constipation, accumulation of toxins due to chronic constipation, low appetite, digestive impairment, and poor assimilation.

The Dosage of Malshodhak Churna

The recommended dosage of Malshodhak Churna is 3-6g, twice a day with hot water. Or take as directed by a physician.

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