Kumar Kalyan Ghrita for Health body

Kumar Kalyan Ghritam is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicated ghee useful in improving physical and mental development of children. This ghee is for paediatric purpose and given to children for enhancing strength, complexion, appetite, digestion, assimilation, intellect and growth. It is also given in whooping cough. For treating whooping cough, Kumar Kalyan Ghrita is given in a dose of 3 gm with 6 ratti of sitopaladi churna, 2-4 times a day.

Ingredients of Kumar Kalyan Ghrita

An equal amount of Shankhahuli, Bach, Brahmi, Kuth, harad, baheda, amla, munakka, misri, sonth, jivanti, jeevak, bariyar, kachur, dhamasa, bel, anar, tulsi, sariban, nagarmotha, pushkarmul, ela, choti pippali, khas, gokhru, atis, aaknadipatha, viabidhang, devdaru, malti phul, mahua phul, pind khajur,ber, vansh lochan


Prepare fine powder of all ingredients. Sieve through thin cloth. Cook in four times gau ghrita, milk and choti kareri kwath. Sieve prepared ghee through cloth and store in bottle.

Uses of Kumar Kalyan Ghrita

  • For paediatric purpose
  • Useful in Rickets, Bone Tuberculosis and a weak digestion
  • Improves growth and development of mind and body
  • Cures teething troubles
  • Improves overall health of child

The Dosage of Kumar Kalyan Ghrita

3-6 grams dissolved in milk or as directed by a physician.

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