Krimi Mudgar Ras For Intestinal Parasites

Krimi Mudgar Ras is herbomineral Ayurvedic medicine useful for treating intestinal worms. In Sanskrit ‘krimi’ means worm and ‘mudgar’ is hammer. This medicine expels intestinal parasites. This medicine is also spelled as Krumi or Krami mudgar rasa.

Ingredients of Krimi Mudgar Ras

Kajjali (Suddha), Vidang, Ajmoda, Kuchla Shudha (Strychnos Nux vomica), Palesh Beej

Uses of Krimi Mudgar Ras

  • Cures intestinal parasites
  • Gives relief in associated symptoms due to worms

The Dosage of Krimi Mudgar Ras

For adult dose is 1 tablet thrice a day, for children dose is 1/4 tablet with honey or as directed by a physician.

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