Kasisadi Tail

Kasisadi Tail is a polyherbal medicated Ayurvedic oil used for external application on piles, corns and warts. It has antiseptic and disinfectant activities. Regular topical application of this oil for a few weeks helps in softening the hemorrhoids, corns and warts and reducing their size. It reduces itching in hemorrhoids.

Kasisadi Taila shows beneficial effects in the management of 1st and 2nd degree of Arsha/piles. It is kshar/alkali and corrosive in nature. It reduces bleeding, pain and pile mass.

Ingredients of Kasisadi Tail

  • Kasisa Ferrous sulphate 12 g
  • Saindhava lavana Rock salt 12 g
  • Krishna (Pippali) (Fr.) 12 g
  • Shunthi (Rz.) 12 g
  • Kushtha (Rt.) 12 g
  • Langali Gloriosa superba (Rt./Rz.) 12 g
  • Shilabhid (Pashanabheda) (Rz.) 12 g
  • Ashvamara (Karavira) (Rt./Lf.) 12 g
  • Danti (Rt.) 12 g
  • Jantughna (Vidanga) (Fr.) 12 g
  • Citraka (Rt.) 12 g
  • Talaka (Haritala) 12 g
  • Kunati 12 g
  • Svarnakshiri (Pl.) 12 g
  • Snuhi payas (Snuhi) (St.) 12 g
  • Arka payas (St./Lf.) 12 g
  • Taila (Tila) (Ol.) 768 g
  • Go mutra 3.072 liter

What is Kasis: Kasis is a mineral. It is sulphate of iron with formula FeSO4.7H2O. It is also known as Green vitriol. Kasis is purified in Ayurveda by soaking the pieces of Kasis in Bhringraaj swaras for a specific period of time.

Purified Kasis is used both internally and externally. Internally, it is hair growth modulator, good for the eyes, hematinic, emmenagogue, carminative and digestive. Externally, Kasis is applied on wounds for hastening the healing process.

Benefits of Kasisadi Tail in Piles

  • It reduces the pile mass.
  • It gives relief in bleeding and pain.
  • It reduces itching in anal region.
  • It has antiseptic and disinfectant activities.

Uses of Kasisadi Tail

  • Kasisadi tail is used in the management of Arsha (hemorrhoids). It is applied on the corns for a few days until the corns become soft and ultimately fall out. It is applied topically on warts and congenital mole.
  • Piles, Fistula
  • Pruritis (irritation of the skin at the exit of the rectum, known as the anus)
  • Used externally for massaging/Abhyanga
  • Corn, wart
  • Congenital mole

How to use Kasisadi Tail

This oil is for external use only. To be applied on anal area after bath. Use regularly for 2-3 months.

For internal piles it can be injected inside the anus.

Kasisadi Tail is manufactured by Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan (Kasisadi Tel), Shree Dhanwantri Herbals (Kasisadi taila), Nagarjun (Kasisadi Tailam), Atrey (Kasisadi Tail) and some other pharmacies.

This medicine is also known as Kasisadi Tailam, kashisadi tel.

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