JointCare Details

Now days joint problems are very common. In ayurveda there are many effective herbs which are very good in treating root causes of any diseases. For joint problems also there are many other health problems are responsible.

Himalaya has developed proprietary formulation JointCare by using ayurvedic methods and herbs for treating joint problems.

JointCare key ingredients

Indian Frankincense(resin), guggul, tribulb, Indian tinospora, greater galangal, liquorice.

Benefits of JointCare

  • Promotes a healthy inflammation response
  • Improves the musculoskeletal system’s function
  • Supports active joints and muscles
  • Improves connective tissue function
  • Improves flexibility of the body

Dosages and direction to use

Take 2 capsule twice daily with meals for several weeks. It will show effective after regular uses for several weeks.

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