Jaundice Treatment Using Katuka Herb

Ayurvedic herbal remedy to treat jaundice, katuka powder preparation method, dosage and precautions information. Learn how to treat jaundice naturally.

Jaundice can be treated using ayurvedic home remedies if some one use it judiciously along with required dietary precautions. But this home remedy is not recommended for complicated jaundice. In the case of complicated jaundice one should take help of hospital.

Katuka ( Picrorhiza kurroa or Katuki) is very useful herbs for the liver and related disease. Katuka herb rhizomes and roots are used for medicinal purpose and it can be taken orally.

How to prepare katuka for treating jaundice?

  • Take 50 grams of dried rhizomes of Katuka. Dry this further to remove moisture for easy powdering. Make sure roots of herb is not older than 1 year.
  • Grind rhizomes in a grinder and make a fine powder. Filter the powder to remove fibres and other substances.
  • Keep this powder in airtight jar.

Dosage and administration of Katuka

  • 1-3 gm for adults and 0.5-1 gm for children, taken two times daily after the meal with water(before mean it can cause nausea and omitting).
  • Stop uses of Katuka immediately if jaundice condition is not improving after 5 days and should consult some doctor or hospital.

Precaution to be taken

  • Their is no side effects of katuka powder if taken in proper dosage.
  • Large dose should be avoided in patient having loose motion and in pregnancy.
  • Bitter taste of the medicine may cause nausea and vomiting in some people. For these type of people this medicine can be given with honey or some sweet syrup.
  • Do not use this if jaundice is complicated, complicated jaundice symptoms are body itching, bleeding, anemia, edema, loss of weight.

Caution: Ayurvedic medicines are natural products which take time to show effect and should be used with controlled lifestyle. In the case of jaundice hot, spicy, pungent, sour, fatty, oily and heavy foods should not be eaten. It is advisable to take a soft, semi-solid or liquid diet during and after medication till normal digestive power is restored and the blood bilirubin level becomes normal.

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