Jatyadi Taila Medicinal Uses Details

Jatyadi Taila is an Ayurvedic herbal oil which is used to treat various types of external wounds. In this oil base oil is Til taila. In clinical study it is proven that this oil contains flavonoids, essential oils, tannins, glycosides, steroids and alkaloids which help in faster healing of wounds. This oil is a cooling, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and non-irritant. It is useful in cleaning, soothing and healing of wounds.

Ingredients of Jatyadi Taila

Sharmgadhara Samhita, Madhyamakhanda Adhyaya)

  1. Jati (Lf.) 10.66 g
  2. Nimba (Lf.) 10.66 g
  3. Patola (Lf./Pl.) 10.66 g
  4. Naktamala (Karanja) (Lf.) 10.66 g
  5. Siktha (Madhucchishta) 10.66 g
  6. Madhuka (Yashti) (Rt.) 10.66 g
  7. Kushtha (Rt.) 10.66 g
  8. Haridra (Rz.) 10.66 g
  9. Daruharidra (St.) 10.66 g
  10. Katurohini (Katuka) (Rz.) 10.66 g
  11. Manjishtha (Rt.) 10.66 g
  12. Padmaka (Ht.Wd.) 10.66 g
  13. Lodhra (St.Bk.) 10.66 g
  14. Abhaya ( Haritaki) (P.) 10.66 g
  15. Nilotpala (Utpala) (Fl.) 10.66 g
  16. Tutthaka (Tuttha) 10.66 g
  17. Sariva (shveta Sariva) (Rt.) 10.66 g
  18. Naktamala (Karanja) (Sd.) 10.66 g
  19. Taila ( Tila) (Ol.) 768 g
  20. Water 3.072

Uses of Jatyadi Taila

  • Fistula, piles
  • Non-healing ulcers
  • Burn injuries, scalds
  • Itching, Eczema, Boils, Sores
  • Different types of wounds such as wounds by sharp object, nails, teeth
  • Psoriasis, Herpes, Arthritis
  • Cleaning of wounds

How to use Jatyadi Taila

Apply externally on the affected areas 2-3 times a day or as directed by a physician.

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

This medicine is manufactured by Baidyanath (Jatyadi Tail), Dabur (Jatyadi Tail), Arya Vaidya Sala (Jatyadi KeraTailam, coconut as base oil), AVP (Jathyadi Thailam), Nagarjun (Jatyadi Tailam), and many other Ayurvedic pharmacies.

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