Indukanta Ghrita Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

Indukanta Ghrita is polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine also known as Indukantham Ghritham, Indukanta Ghritham, Indukantha Ghritham. This is a medicated ghee containing Dashmula and many other medicinal herbs and indicated in treatment of weakness, chronic fever, vata roga, tuberculosis and peptic ulcer. It is a useful medicine for improving appetite, digestion and curing abdominal diseases. It is excellent remedy for treating cough in old age. Since it is a ghee based medicine, so it increases strength and immunity of body. Indukantam ghritham is referenced from Sahasrayogam.

The preparation of Ayurvedic ghee requires mainly three essential components viz. Drava (a liquid which may be one or more as decoction, Svarasa, Dugdha, Mastu, etc), Kalka (a fine paste of the drug(s) ) and Sneha dravya (Ghee). For preparing medicated ghee, the decoction, kalkas (paste of drugs) of herbs are boiled in ghee according to formula. The processing is done for absorbing the therapeutic principle absorption in ghee.

Here is given more about Indukanta Ghrita such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Indukanta Ghrita

  • Dashmula (Each root taken in amount of 25.6 grams)
  • Putika (Holoptelea integrifolia) 256 grams
  • Devadaru Cedrus deodara 256 grams
  • Water for decoction 12.288 litre
  • Cow milk 768 ml
  • Gau ghrita 768 grams

Each 48 grams: pippali fruit, pippali mula root, cavya piper chaba stem, chitrak Plumbago zeylanica, sunthi, Yavak shaar Hordeum vulgare alkaline preparation

Indukanta ghrita is green-coloured, soft, low melting medicated clarified butter, unctuous to touch, slightly pungent odour and slightly bitter taste. This ghee should be stored in a cool place in tightly closed container, protected from light and moisture.

Uses of Indukanta Ghrita

  • Shula or pain/colic
  • Gulma (abdominal lump), Udar roga disease of abdomen, peptic ulcer
  • Vishama jvara (intermittent fever)
  • Vata Roga (disease due to Vata Dosha)
  • Kashaya (pthisis)
  • Daurbalya (weakness)

Dosage of Indukanta Ghrita

Indukanta Ghrita can be taken internally in dosage of 5-12 grams two times a day. Take this medicine with either warm water or warm milk or fresh stem juice of Giloy. The exact dosage of Ayurvedic medicine depends on various factors such as age of person, strength, and physical condition etc.

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