How to Use Kulthi Daal To Treat Urinary Stones

Kulthi is also known as Horse gram is eaten as pulse in India has clinically proven medicinal property to remove kidney stone. Kidney stones or renal calculus are stones formed in urinary tract. The source of these stones or crystals are the minerals obtained from diet.

Horse-gram medicinal uses

The most common stones that are formed in the body are calcium oxalate and magnesium ammonium phosphate type. Many individuals, who suffers from this problem often reports its reoccurrence after treatments.

In modern medicine there are many good medicines and treatment options available. But there is no allopathic medicine that is without side-effects. In case, the stones are big and there is no other alternative than modern medicine is best option. But if stones are smalls and the problem is repetitive than traditional medicine can help.

In traditional medicine herb are used for the treatment of diseases. These are time-tested and does not pose any harm. So even if, person is on allophonic medicines he/she can try this option. One of the common pulse that can be used for breaking and expulsion of the urinary stones from the body is Kulthi.

Botanical name: Macrotyloma uniflorum, Dolichos biflorus Linn, Vigna unquiculata (L.), Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. ssp. unguiculata

Family: Papilionaceae, Fabaceae

Vernacular names: Sanskrit: Kulatha, Bengali: Kurtikalai, Gujarati: Kalathi, Kulit, Hindi: Kulthi, Kannada: Hurali, Malayalam: Muthiva, Muthera, Marathi: Kulith, Kulthi, Tamil: Kollu, Telugu: Ulavalu, Trade name: Horse gram.

Kulthi beans or horse gram is a commonly grown pulse, especially in Chota Nagpur, Tamil Nadu and Southern part of India.

How to use Kulthi to treat Kidney Stone

As a home remedy, you can use Kulthi for stones treatment. Scientific studies has confirmed its diuretic and anti-urolithiasis properties due to the presence of many phytochemicals such as phenolic compounds, flavnoids, steroids and Saponin.

You can buy Kulthi from market. Before using it, remove all the impurities and wash it very well under running water. Daily intake of kulthi dal breaks the stones and expels them from the body. You can prepare Kulthi dal like any other dal.

How to prepare Kulthi Daal Soup?

This can be prepared by boiling 25 grams dal in a 200 ml water.

This should be boiled till water reduces to 50 ml.

Filter it and drink hot, twice a day.

Kulthi decoction should be taken twice a day.


  1. I have 4-5mm stones in both kidneys. Can kulthi dal remove the stones

  2. I have boath kidney stone size is 4mm please suggest me

  3. I have a 5 mm stone in my left tells me it is in uterus so it will take time to coming i m going to use kulthi to remove the stone..will it be removed with kulthi ?

  4. I have 7mm stone in my kidney and i do have problem of uric acid.
    Pls suggest


  6. I have kidney stone which is 18.4 mm. This kurthy dal helps me for reduce my stone. I m very tensed. pl replt

  7. I have three stone of 5mm at kidney. Shall I expect if I will take this dal for 1 or 2 month and stone will disappear from my kidney

  8. Can kulthi dal break .77 cm kidney stone & how many time use it. Can i take with allopathic medicine.

  9. within how many days it will remove the stone

    • There is no defined time, it helps removing kidney stone please do not use as medicines, only an Ayurvedic doctor can tell you how to treat someone’s condition as every person problem is different.

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