Himalaya Himcocid Suspension

Know the ingredients and uses of Himalaya Himcocid Suspension. Know the problems in which this is effective. Learn how to use this. It helps in treating and reducing the nausea, abdominal distension, vomiting and indigestion.

Himalaya Himcocid is a herbomineral proprietary Ayurvedic medicine from Himalaya. Himcocid contains powders of Varatika (Cowrie shell), Dugdhapashana (Soft stone), Mouktika shukti (Oyster shell) and is processed in juice of Giloy, Amla and Punarnava. Himcocid has antacid properties and useful in heartburn, acidity, fullness, flatulence, nausea, abdominal distension, vomiting and indigestion. It gives relief in symptoms of dyspepsia.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Ingredients of Himcocid

  1. Each teaspoonful (5ml) of Himcocid suspension contains:
  2. Pdrs. Varatika Syn. Cowrie Bhasma 350mg
  3. Dugdhapashana (Soft stone) 350mg
  4. Mouktika Shukti Syn. Mouktika Bhasma 75mg

Processed in: Giloy Tinospora cordifolia stem, Amla Emblica officinale Fruit, Punarnava Boerhaavia diffusa root.

Key ingredients

  • Varatika is Cowrie Shell Ash. It has antacid and digestive properties and used to treat gastritis, hyperacidity, heartburn, loss of appetite, abdominal pain due to indigestion and duodenitis.
  • Dugdhapashana (magnesium silicate) is sweet in taste, has cooling, anti-flatulant and ulcer healing properties.
  • Mouktika Shukti has demulcent, acid neutralizing, antispasmodic and appetite improving properties and is used in digestive disorders for the management of hyperacidity.
  • Varatika (Cyprea monata) and Dugdhapashana (Magnesium silicate) are the natural sources of calcium and magnesium, which act as non-systemic antacids.
  • Aavla has cooling, anti-flatulent, carminative, styptic and the immunomodulatory effects.
  • Giloy has acid neutralizing, cooling effects and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a well-known immunomodulator.
  • Punarnava and Amla has potent antioxidant action.
  • All the drugs have been used in the treatment of gastric ulcers and hyperacidity.

Benefits of Himcocid

  1. It is a herbal antacid.
  2. It has ulcer-healing and gastroprotective properties.
  3. It neutralizes gastric acid, relieves gaseous distension and bilious and dyspeptic symptoms.
  4. It is effective against almost all symptoms of non-ulcer dyspepsia, especially in vomiting, epigastric discomfort, nausea, heartburn and abdominal distension.
  5. It does not produce any acid-base or electrolyte imbalance.
  6. It is sugar-free and aluminum-free, and , therefore, is safe in diabetics and hypertensive.

Uses of Himcocid

  1. Acid peptic disease
  2. Non-ulcer dyspepsia
  3. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
  4. Heartburn (acid-peptic disorder characterized by regurgitation of gastric content into the oesophagus)
  5. Acidity
  6. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID)-induced gastritis
  7. Gastritis (inflammation of the gastric mucosa)

The Dosage of Himcocid

1 to 2 teaspoon/ 2 tablets twice daily, in between meals and at bedtime or take as directed by a physician.

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.

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    Works on all stomach problems

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