Herbs can treat most of the digestion disorders

Most of the digestive disorders and problems can be cured by herbs effectively. Know about some herbs to treat stomach problems.

Digestive diseases are diseases related to gastrointestinal tract, which includes oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, large intestine, colon and anus. It also includes the liver and pancreas. Digestive system is very complicated and for good health it is essential that this system remains strong. The root cause of many diseases is disturbance in digestion.

Digestive system can be disturbed by many reasons such as illness, diet, infections, unhygienic conditions, lifestyle and stress.  The common symptoms that indicate digestive ailment are abdominal pain, loose motion, vomiting, constipation, change in bowel habits, acid reflux, ulcers, indigestion, IBS and excessive abdominal gas.

Modern medicine offers very good medicines for treating such diseases. But, none of the medicine is without side effect. There are various herbs that can be used to treat common digestive ailments. When taken in the recommended dosage these does not produce harmful effects on health.

Here is given herbal way to combat ailments of digestive system.

  • Chronic hyperacidity
    Eat 2 fruits of Gambhari tree with a glass of water.
  • Ulcerative colitis, intestinal infection, ulcers
    Take Gambhari fruits. Cut in pieces and dry in shade. Grind shade dried fruits to make powder. Take this powder twice a day with water.
  • Constipation
    Regularly eat bitter gourd vegetable. This helps to cure most stubborn constipation.
    Prepare a powder by mixinng amla, harad and baheda in equal amount. Take 1 gram of this powder at night.
    Mix Sunthi and Senna leaves powder in 1:1 ratio. Take this powder (5 g) with hot water before going to bed.
  • Bloating, indigestion, abdominal gas, intestinal parasite
    Take bitter gourd leaves. Wash thoroughly and grind in mortar and pestle to extract juice. Take this juice twice a day.
  • Intestinal parasite
    Take ajwain 1 tsp or 5 grams with pinch of rock salt once a day empty stomach. Take regularly for 2 weeks.
  • Loose motion, diarrhea
    Mix Pippali and Haritaki powder in 1:1 ratio. Take 1 tsp with hot water.
    Take Bael/Bilwa giri powder (5 grams) 2-3 times a day.
  • Jaundice
    Drink sugarcane juice throughout the day.
  • Indigestion
    Mix juice of one lemon in glass of water. Add soda bicar and drink.
    Drink ginger juice mixed with rock salt.
  • Peptic ulcer
    Eat large green banana with milk.
    Regualrly drink Amla juice.
    Take Haritaki powder (5 g) with honey.
  • Abdominal gas/flatulence
    Take Elaichi powder (5 g) with water.
  • Colic pain, Abdominal gas
    Mix Ajwain powder and Sunthi  1:1 ratio. Add rock salt in small amount. Take 1 tsp with hot water.

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  1. “Peptic ulcer
    Eat large green banana with milk.”

    This is a suggested remedy for peptic ulcer , but milk and any fruit are the opposite!
    What you think ?

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