Herbal Treatment of Pyorrhoea

Details of effective home remedies and ayurvedic medicine to treat and prevent Pyorrhoea.

Pyorrhoea or periodontal disease is a teeth socket disease with bleeding gums. In this disease small blood capillaries are formed near teeth. These serves as place for bacterial growth and results in bleeding gums with foul smell and shaking teeth. Anyone can suffer from this disease. If left untreated this causes loss of teeth.

Symptoms of Pyorrhoea

  • Tender, spongy gums
  • On pressing pus is released from teeth margin
  • Gums swell and pus quantity increases which when reaches to stomach causes digestion problems, blood impurities

Reasons for Pyorrhoea

  • Lack of oral hygiene: When teeth are not cleaned properly tooth decay takes place due to bacteria. This causes cavities in which more food gets accumulated and pus is formed. In such case gum becomes weak.
  • Unhealthy gums: Due to lack of certain vitamins, nutrients gums become weak. Various deficiency causes low body immunity and soft gums.

Herbal Home remedies for Pyorrhoea

  • Use soft twig of neem to brush teeth. This has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. Since neem is astringent it stops bleeding from gums.
  • Use datun(herbal tooth brush) of medicinal herb Apamarg. You can either use its twig or root. Wash root thoroughly to clean soil and chew to form brush. Clean teeth with this using up and down motion. Keep saliva in the mouth for a few seconds before spitting.
  • Prepare homemade tooth powder using medicinal herbs such as Babul and massage gently by applying on fingers.
  • Mix hot water and Borax. Use this for gargling.
    Chew guava fruits and fresh leaves. Chewing causes jaw exercise as well as the antibacterial, antiseptic effect on gums and teeth. Guava leaf helps in the prevention of bleeding from gums. You can also prepare mouth wash by boiling leaves, clove in water.
  • Drink spinach juice which improves overall health.
  • Take vitamin A and vitamin C rich diet such as oranges, grapes, lemon, carrot, apple, etc.which improves immunity and gum health

Ayurvedic Remedies

You can use Ayurvedic Dashan Sanskar churna as tooth powder. This powder helps to protect teeth and prevents any further deterioration.
If constipated, use Triphala Churna.

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