Herbal Medicine Nurament

Nurament Oil is poly-herbal medicinal massage oil from Rahat Industries Limited. This oil is for external massage and applied on the affected boy parts to get relief from pain. It is prepared from medicinal herbs, which are well-known in  Ayurveda for treating pain such as Nirgundi (Vitex nigendo), Maidalakri (Litsea glutinosa), Sonth (Dry ginger powder), Haldi (Turmeric), Neem Azadirachta indica), Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia), Garlic, etc.
Nurament herbal pain killer in cream form, is useful for quick relief from Backache, Sprains, Joints and Muscular Pains.

Ingredients of Nurament Oil

Each 100 ML contains:  Nirgundi 0.125 g, Maidalakri 0.125 g, Sonth 0.125 g, Amba Haldi 1.000 g, Kuchla    0.125 g, Neem 0.125 g, Haridra 0.500 g, Ajwain    0.125 g, Majeeth 0.125 g, Taj 0.250 g, Narkachur 0.125 g, Lehsun 0.125 g, Methi 0.125 g, Loban    0.125 g, Piplamool 0.125 g, Rakta Mirch    0.125 g, Guggal    0.250 g, Gand Biroza, 1.000 g, Kapoor 1.000 g, Menthol    1.000 g, Gandhpuro Tel 5.500 ml, Pine Oil 16.000 ml, Castor Oil 5.000 ml, Mustard Oil 5.000 ml, Aroma Colour Ratanjot & Vegetable Oil Base to Make 100 %

Ingredients of Nurament Cream

Each 100g contains: Amba Haldi 0.500g, Kaiphal 0.125g, Maidalakri 0.125g, Piplamool    0.125g, Taj 0.200g, Narkachur 0.125g, Sonth 0.125g, Lehsun 0.125g, Methi 0.125g, Majeeth 0.125g, Nirgundi 0.125g, Kuchla    0.125g, Rakta Mirch 0.125g, Neem 0.125g, Guggul    0.250g, Loban 0.125g, Gand Biroza 1.000g, Kapoor 2.000g, Menthal 2.000g, Gandhpuro Tel    8.000ml, Pine Oil 16.000ml, Castor Oil 5.000ml, Mustard Oil 5.000ml, Aroma Ratanjot For Colour & base to make 100g   

Uses of Nurament

  • Muscular pains, Pains in joints, Neck stiffness
  • Sprains, Backache, Sciatica
  • Cuts, Burns, wounds, Injuries, Piles

How to use Nurament Oil?

This is for external use ONLY. Apply on the affected area.

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