Gomutra Ark Ingredients, Uses, Dosage

Gomutra Ark has Immunomodulatory properties. Immunomodulatory agents are used to either suppress or stimulate the immune responses.

Go mutra Ark is prepared from gomutra ( cow urine), In Ayurveda, Ark can be defined as a liquid preparation obtained by distillation of certain liquids or drugs soakedin water using the Arka-yantra or any convenient modern distillation apparatus. Basically it is distilled Cow urine.

Cow urine is extensively used in Ayurveda for the treatment of wide range of diseases from Vedic times. It cleanses body. It is not possible to get clean, fresh, cow urine for everyone. In such cases, Gomutra Ark can be used. The qualities of ark are not the same as whole cow urine as the processing causes loss of many important substance. But still it is therapeutically effective. Also as Gomutra ark is free from high ammonia content of cow urine it is more palatable, acceptable and lack smell.

Cow urine ark is useful in the treatment of innumerable diseases such as general debility, obesity, abdominal diseases, skin diseases, diabetes, cough, diseases of the liver, asthma, intestinal parasites, detoxification, arthritis, joint pain, etc.

This medicine is also known as Go Ark, Cow-Urine Arka and Distilled Cow Urine.

Ingredients of Gomutra Ark

Gomutra or Indian cow urine

Process of Distillation

The distillation apparatus is a vessel with tight lid and a tube for vapour outlet. The vessel is filled with cow urine and put on fire for heating. The vapours from the vessel are collected in a receiver. This receiving vessel is put in cold water, to condense the vapour. The condensed liquid is Ark.

Uses of Gomutra Ark

Gomutra Ark is used in variety of diseases.

  • It is useful in reducing cholesterol in the blood.
  • It decreases serum triglycerides.
  • It is used in obesity to reduce weight.
  • It is used in the treatment of cough.
  • It is given to treat Leucorrhoea (Vaginal Discharge) in females.
  • It lowers blood glucose.
  • It balances the three doshas.
  • It has an antioxidantand anti-hyperglycemic properties. Antioxidant are substances that protect cells against the effects of free radicals. Anti-hyperglycemic agents counteract the accumulation of excess sugar in the blood.

Gomutra Ark has Immunomodulatory properties. Immunomodulatory agents are used to either suppress or stimulate the immune responses.

It is effective in the treatment of the urinary disorder, gall stone, Skin disease, anemia, Indigestion, the liver diseases, skin diseases, arthritis and other chronic diseases.

It removes toxins and detoxifies the body.

It is good for the heart, the liver, brain, immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system.

The Dose of Gomutra Ark

The dose of Gomutra Ark is 5-10 ml with an equal amount of water on empty stomach two times a day.


  1. Can used regularly life time

  2. Mera Beta 10 months ka hai . kya mai usko Gomutra pila sakta hu..
    Yadi pila sakta hu to kitna aur kaise?

  3. Can I drink a glass of WATER after consuming GAU MUTRA.

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