Gandharva Haritaki Churna Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

Gandharva Haritaki Churna is polyherbal classical Ayurvedic medicine. This formulation has mridu virechaka action (stronger than Triphala) and used in the treatment of constipation. This medicine is oil based soft laxative. As the name of medicine itself suggests the main ingredients of this formulation are Haritaki and Erand tail. Gandharv is an Ayurvedic name of Erand or Castor. This medicine is available as tablet and churna.

Here is given more about Gandharva Haritaki such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Gandharva Haritaki

Gandharv Haritaki Churna or powder is prepared from following ingredients.

Common name

Botanical Name


Bal haritaki

Teminalia chebula


Erand oil

Ricinus communis



Zingiber officinales


Sandav lavan

Sodium chloride impure



Black salt


Haritaki is gentle purgative, laxative, astringent, (promotes the appetite or and assist in digestion), anti-bilious (prevent or cure biliousness), antioxidant and alterative (restoring healthy bodily functions). It is one of the important ingredient of medicines which are used to treat abdominal gas, constipation, diarrhea, dysentery, cyst, digestive disorders, vomiting, enlarged the liver and spleen, cough and bronchial asthma, and for metabolic harmony. In Triphala powder, the main purgative ingredient is haritaki. The pericarp of mature fruit is used as medicinal part of T. chebula.

Castor oil, derived from the seeds, is a well-known purgative. Purgative are those agents that causes copious watery the evacuation of the bowels. It is tikshna and hot in nature due to which it disintegrates ama and digest it. This oil purges the bowels and removes many impurities from the body through purgation.

Dry ginger powder is used in the treatment of dyspepsia, loss of appetite, colic, piles, tympanitis, anemia, rheumatism, cough and dyspnea. It increase the appetite and digestive power. It is appetizer, laxative, stomachic, stimulant, rubefacient, anodyne, aphrodisiac, expectorant, anthelmintic and carminative.

Saindhava Namak or Rock salt in small dose is highly carminative, stomachic and digestible. It promotes the appetite and assists digestion and assimilation.

Black salt has carminative, aperient (relieves constipation), tonic and stomachic properties. It is useful in enlarged spleen and the liver, gas, abdominal pain and indigestion.

Uses of Gandharva Haritaki

Gandharva Haritaki has purgative and laxative action. It evacuates bowel and removes toxins from the body. It is useful in the following conditions.

  • Constipation
  • Irregular bowel movement
  • Also gives relief in piles or Bawaseer
  • Indigestion, acidity

The Dosage of Gandharva Haritaki

Gandharva Haritaki churna should be taken before sleeping with warm water. The dosage of Gandharva Haritaki Choorna is 1-2 teaspoonful.


  1. Shaikh TAJ Biyabani

    Is it advisable take Gandharv Haritki daily? Because without taking it, I find very difficulty rather impossible in passing stool,

  2. It’s more effective. I had 2 teaspoonful with hot water in morning my bowels has cleared full

  3. Will you plz tell me what is the reference for this?

  4. It’s very good informetion

  5. Liable chaudhari

    After taking it ,I loss my sleep
    Plz give reason

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