Gaganasundara Rasa for blood haemorrhage

Gaganasundara Rasa(drug) is an ayurvedic formulation for the treatment of blood haemorrhage. It is also very good for improving digestion,

Ingredients of Gaganasundara Rasa

  • Purified tankana(Borax)
  • Purified Cinnabar(Hingula)
  • Purified gandhaka
  • Abhrak bhasma
  • Fresh juice of dugdhika(Euphorbia prostrata)

Process of making Gaganasundara Rasa

Take equal quantity of Purified tankana(Borax), Purified Cinnabar(Hingula), Purified gandhaka, Abhrak bhasma. Mix all ingredient and soak in juice of Euphorbia prostrata for 3 days. Now keep this preparation under shade for drying.

Medicinal uses

Gaganasundara Rasa is very good for the treatment of blood haemorrhage and make digestion strong.


Take 250 mg with honey and drink buttermilk or goat milk.

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