Dr. Ortho Capsules Ingredients and Benefits

Dr. Ortho capsule is Ayurvedic medicine used in treatment of muscular pain, joint pains, shoulder pain etc. Learn how to use Dr. Ortho Capsules.

Dr. Ortho Capsules and Oil are polyherbal proprietary Ayurvedic medicines from SBS Biotech (Unit-II) Ayurvedic Division, Mou za Rampur Jattan, Himachal Pradesh. Dr. Ortho is used in the management of painful and inflammatory conditions. Dr. Ortho Capsules are for oral intake and the Oil is applied externally on painful body areas. They are also helpful in chronic joint and knee pain.

Dr Ortho Capsules are used in the treatment of muscular pain, joint pains, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain, etc.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as benefits, indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

  • Manufacturer: BS Biotech (Unit-II) Ayurvedic Division, Mou za Rampur Jattan, Himachal Pradesh
  • Synonyms: Doctor Ortho Capsules
  • Availability:  Online and at medical stores
  • Type of medicine: Proprietary Medicine
  • Main Indication: Ayurvedic pain relief medicine for Joint pain
  • MRP/Price: Dr Ortho Ayurvedic Capsules 30Cap For Joints Pain is available at Rs. 183.

Dr. Ortho Capsules Composition

Ingredients present in this formulation are given below:

Each 500mg Capsule Contains Extracts of:

  • Boswellia serrata (Kunduru) 40mg
  • Commiphora mukul (Guggul Shuddh) 40mg
  • Pluchea lanceolata (Rasna) 20mg
  • Trigonella foenumgraecum (Methi) 150mg
  • Zingiber officinale (Sunth) 150mg
  • Withania Somnifera (Powder) (Ashwagandha) 40mg
  • Purified Asphaltam (Shilajit Shudh) 30mg
  • Strychnos nux-vomica (Vishamushti) 30mg
  • M.P.S 1mg
  • P.P.S 0.5mg

Know the Ingredients

Salai Guggulu

Salai Guggulu (also known as Indian frankincense, Indian olibanum or Salai guggul, Luban, Salai, Saiga, Salhe, Sali, Salpe, Selgond) is obtained from Boswellia serrata Roxb. ex Colebr., a deciduous, medium-sized tree.

The main active constituents of gum resin are the boswellic acids, which are lipophilic pentacyclic triterpene acids.  The boswellic acids have immdunomodulatory effects and are anti-inflammatory via a number of mechanisms. The keto derivatives, 11-keto-beta-boswellic acid and acetyl-11-keto-betaboswellic acid, are thought to be particularly potent anti-inflammatory agents. The gum of the tree contains oxidising and diastatic enzymes and used as an internal and external stimulant, expectorant, diuretic and stomachic. It is also a hepatic stimulant. It is useful in chronic cases of diarrhea, dysentery, pulmonary affections, haemorrhoids, inflammatory disorders, collagenous colitis, peritumoral oedema, rheumatoid arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Gum-resin of Shallaki (Boswellia serrata) has significant anti-inflammatory properties and is used in Ayurveda for treating osteoarthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis and other inflammatory conditions. It reduces joint swelling, pain, stiffness and other symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.


Guggulu is highly effective in the treatment of Vata-vikar and inflammatory conditions. The gum resin contains guggul sterons Z and E, guggul sterols I-V, two diterpenoids- a terpene hydrocarbon named cembreneA and a diterpene alcohol- mukulol, a-camphrone and cembrene, long chain aliphatic tetrols- octadecan-1,2,3,4-tetrol, eicosan-1,2,3,4-tetrol and nonadecan-1,2,3,4-tetrol. Major components from essential oil of gum resin are myrcene and dimyrcene.

Guggulu is acrid, astringent, thermogenic, aromatic, expectorant, digestive, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory, anodyne, antiseptic, demulcent, carminative, emmenagogue, haematinic, diuretic, rejuvenating and general tonic. It is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, gout, lumbago, disorders of the nervous, respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems.

It has anti-inflammatory with strong purifying and rejuvenating properties.


Rasna consists of dried leaf and roots of Pluchea lanceolata. Its official substitute is Alpinia galanga.

The stem and leaves contain moretenol, moretenol acetate, neolupenol, octacosanoic, hexacosanoic and tetracosanoic acid, tetracosanol, hexacosanol, triacontanol, stigmasterol and beta-sitosterol-D-glucoside.

Rasna is Tikta (Rasa), Guru (Guna), Ushna (Virya), and Katu vipak. It pacifies Kapha and Vata.

Rasna root is fragrant, bitter and useful in rheumatism and other inflammatory disorders. Its stem, leaves are muscle relaxant. Along with other herbal ingredients the roots are useful in all nervous diseases and rheumatism.

A Scientific study was done on anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic activities of in vivo and in vitro plant parts of Pluchea lanceolata. This study confirms the traditional medicinal uses of the plant due to the presence of presence of several physiologically active phytochemicals such as phenols, flavonoids, triterpenoids, steroids and glycosides and supported the isolation and the use of active constituents from in vivo and in vitro plant parts of Pluchea lanceolata in treating inflammations and rheumatism.

Pluchea lanceolata is used in Ayurveda for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory disorders due to the presence of several physiologically active phytochemicals such as phenols, flavonoids, triterpenoids, and steroids.


Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum family Fabaceae) has anti-diabetic and hypocholesterolaemic activities. The seeds have been used as an oral insulin substitute, and seed extracts have been reported to lower blood glucose levels.

Fenugreek function as an appetite suppressant and give a feeling of satiety more quickly.

Fenugreek is contraindicated in pregnancy due to its oxytoxic and uterine stimulant actions.


Shunthi (Synonyms: Zingiber officinale, Sukku, Chukku, Aushadha, Muhaushadha, Nagara, Vishva, Vishvabheshaja, Shringavera, Vishva) is dry ginger powder. It is hot in potency and increases Pitta and decreases Kapha. It is a digestive stimulant. Ginger is also used to give relief in seasickness and morning sickness.

Sonth is powder of dried ginger is pungent in both the initial and post-digestive tastes (rasa and vipaka) and hot in effect (virya). It gives relief in Vata and Kapha and increases pitta. It is carminative, antiemetic and thermogenic. It improves digestion.


Silajit is a natural substance but it is not an animal or plant-based product. It is a mineral pitch that oozes from the rocks. This mineral comes out from the Himalayan rocks during the summer. It increases flow of digestive secretion and helps in better absorption. It is an adaptogen and a major Ayurvedic rejuvenation tonic. It improves digestion and assimilation. In Ayurveda, it is considered a medicine which has the ability to cure every disease. It is a highly condensed minerals and amino acid. It slows aging and degeneration.

Strychnos nux-vomica

Vishamushti,  Kuchla, Nux Vomica, Poison Nut, Semen Strychnos, or Strychnos nux-vomica, is useful in improving digestion and removal of toxic substances. It also strengthens the nervous system and muscular coordination, thereby helps in strengthening of muscles, joints, and bones.

In Ayurveda, the seeds are first detoxified and used for therapeutic purpose. The seeds are given to stimulate the respiratory system, neuromuscular system and make the heart strong and in lethargy of generative organs.

It alleviates vata and pain and because of its sharpness, it stimulates and strengthens nerves. Useful in vata disorders like neuralgia, facial palsy, hemiplegia, insomnia. Being bitter and pungent, it is a good appetizer, digestive and astringent. Dribbling of the urine due to atonicity of the bladder is corrected by it. It cures the laxity of the body tissue.

Kuchila Seeds are nervine, stomachic, and cardio-tonic, aphrodisiac, and respiratory stimulant. It is used as a remedy in chronic dysentery, paralytic and neuralgic disorders, epilepsy, rheumatic arthritis, and hydrophobia. In excessive doses, Strychnos is a virulent poison, producing stiffness of muscles and convulsions, ultimately leading to death.

Strychnos nux-vomica Linn. has stimulating effects on respiratory and vasomotor centers. It has a direct depressant effect on the heart and inhibits the release of acetylcholine. It acts on the cerebral cortex and peripheral nerves, and shows marked hyperactivity. It is Toxic.

Large doses of nux vomica cause tetanic convulsions and eventually death results. Even with safe doses, there may be some mental derangement.

In the case of toxic symptoms of Strychnos nux-vomica, a leaf paste of Abrus precatorius along with gruel of arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea) powder is given.

Benefits of Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Capsules

  • It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic activities.
  • It corrects the metabolism and reduces Ama (metabolic waste and toxins) accumulated in the body.
  • It increases the blood flow across affected area to rejuvenate the joints, muscles and bones.
  • It gives relief in pain, stiffness of joints and other painful conditions.
  • It improves metabolism, digestion and elimination.
  • It is a herbal medicine based on Ayurvedic principle.

Dr. Ortho Capsules Ayurvedic Action / Karma

  • Amanashaka: Destroys ama
  • Deepan: Enkindles the digestive fire.
  • Kapha-Vatahar: Remover of the Humor of Kapha-Vata.
  • Lekhaniya: Scrapes waste residues from the channels.
  • Medhoghna: Clears fat tissue.
  • Pachana: Digests Ama but does not increase appetite.
  • Shothahar: Removes inflammation.
  • Vatahara: Pacifies Vata Dosha.
  • Vatashodhana: Clears vata from the body.

Dr. Ortho Capsules Biomedical Action

  • Alterative: Alter favorably the course of an ailment.
  • Analgesic: Relieve pain.
  • Antiarthritic: Relieving arthritis. A remedy for arthritis.
  • Anticatarrhal: Remove excess mucous from the body.
  • Anticoagulants/antiplatelet: Decrease platelet aggregation and inhibit thrombus formation.
  • Antiinflammatory: Reducing inflammation by acting on body mechanisms.
  • Antioxidant: It has the ability to reduce oxidative stress. Hence, it helpful in the management of conditions such as leukoplakia, diabetes mellitus, chronic eye disease and tissue injury.
  • Antirheumatic: Alleviating or preventing rheumatism.
  • Circulation stimulant: Improves blood flow through body tissues.
  • Detoxifier: It is a natural blood detoxifier and anti-microbial which helps alleviate skin diseases and enhances the complexion.
  • Emmenagogue: Stimulates or increases menstrual flow.

Dr. Ortho Capsules Health Benefits

  • It reduces joint pain.
  • It reduces joint inflammation.
  • It has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic agent to help in various pain conditions.
  • It helps in increasing the blood flow across affected area to rejuvenate the joints, muscles and bones.
  • It corrects the disturbed metabolism and increase the metabolic rate which benefits in less accumulation of toxic substances in the colon and inflammatory molecules.

Dr. Ortho Capsules Therapeutic Uses

  • Backache
  • Joint pain
  • Leg pain
  • Muscles pain
  • Pain and inflammation due to joint injury
  • Sciatica
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sprain

Dr. Ortho Capsules Dosage

Take 1 capsules two times a day half an hour after meals with lukewarm milk or water or as directed by a physician.

For chronic cases, apply Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Medicinal Oil externally and take Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic Capsules for at least three weeks.

  • Do not take this medicine empty stomach.
  • Do not take spicy and deep-fried food items.

Suggestions, Contraindications, Interactions, Side-effects, and Warnings of Dr. Ortho Capsules

  • Add Vata reducing vegetables-spies in the diet such as Karela, Palak, Kale, and other root vegetables, Sonth, Jeera, garlic and castor oil.
  • Take light and fresh food.
  • Avoid eating curd, jaggery, fried food, cheese, Junk food, smoking & alcohol, high fat meal, spicy food.
  • Avoid cold, oily and difficult to digest food.
  • Do not smoke.
  • Do some light exercise.
  • Correct posture.
  • Do check the list of ingredients and their contraindications to avoid any side effects.
  • It contains Shuddha Kuchla or Strychnos nux-vomica, which is sharp and toxic.

Nux vomica should be given in the minimum dose to people who live in solitude and get angry


Nux vomica should be given in minimum dose to a patient of hyperacidity, acute flatulence, urinary incontinence, inflammation of the urethra, burning urination and nasal hemorrhages.

Long-term intake strychnine can cause liver damage.

It is UNSAFE for pregnant and lactating mothers. Do not give to children.

Take under medical supervision ONLY.

In the case of any unpleasant effect, discontinue and ask a doctor.

Effectivity of herbal medicine depends on many factors. A medicine suitable for one person may not essentially give the same result in another person.

The exact dose depends on the age, strength, digestive power of the patient, the nature of the illness, the state of the viscera and humours, and the properties of individual drugs.

Keep away from the sight and reach of children.

Please maintain a gap of at least an hour between intake of any allopathic drug and Ayurvedic medicine to avoid drug interaction, if any.

Do not use many different medicines for the treatments of the same disease.


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