Dineshavalyadi Thailam

Dineshavalyadi Taila is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicated oil. This oil or taila is useful in the treatment of wounds. When coconut oil is used as base oil, it is called Dineshavalyadi Kera Tailam.

The main ingredient of this oil is Ventilago madraspatana or Dinesavalli. This tree is found in Southern India and Maharashtra. The other Ayurvedic names of this tree are Tamravalli, Kaivartika, and Vamataruni. The bark of the tree is used in skin diseases.

Here is given more about Dineshavalyadi Thailam such as indication/therapeutic uses, Key Ingredients and how to use.

Key Ingredients of Dineshavalyadi Thailam

  • Kalka dravya – Bark of Ventilago maderaspatana/Dinesavalli 8 tola
  • Sneha dravya: Taila Coconut oil 1/2 Prasth
  • Drava Dravya: Fresh juice of Dinesavalli and Boerhaavia diffusa/Punarnava 1 Prastha each

[1 Prastha= 64 Tola= 768 g;1 Tola= 12 g]

Uses of Dineshavalyadi Thailam

This medicated oil is for Vrana-ropana or for wound healing.

How to use Dineshavalyadi Thailam

This is for external use ONLY. Apply on the affected areas.

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