Devdarwadi Kwath (Pravahi)

Devdarwadi Kwath is a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation. This medicine is decoction of Devdaru with other medicinal herbs and used in the treatment of digestive ailments. For preparing this medicine, first all medicinal herbs of its formulation are ground and boiled in water till volume is reduced to 1/8th of initial amount. This decoction is filtered and jaggery, Dhai flower are added and then processed according to Arishtha preparation method.

Here is given more about Devdarwadi Kwath such as indication/therapeutic uses, composition, and dosage.

Key Ingredients of Devdarwadi Kwath

Each equal amount (32 tola): Devdaru, Bach, Kuth, Pippali, Sonth, Motha, Chraita, Katuki, Dhaniya, Haritaki, Gajpippali, Javasa, Gokhru, Dhamasa, Badi kateri, Atees, Giloy, Kakadasinghi, Kala jeera;Water 128 Ser;Gud/Jaggery 6 ser, Dhai flower 10 Chatank.

Uses of Devdarwadi Kwath

This medicine is excellent dipana/deepana (Digestive stimulant), pachan (Digest ama/toxins), and grahi (Anti-diarrhea, binds stool). This medicine is indicated in all type of diarrhea and sangrahani (chronic diarrhea, dysentery).

This decoction is mixed with 20 ml Saunf Ark and given to treat atisara (diarrhea), Pitta atisara (Diarrhoea due to the imbalance of pitta) and rakta-atisara or amoebic dysentery.

Devdarwadi Kwath is a powerful alterative and also indicated in gonorrhea, gonorrhea, syphilis, gout and rheumatism.

The Dosage of Devdarwadi Kwath

The recommended dosage of Devdarwadi Kwath is 12-24ml with an equal amount of water, twice a day after the meal. Or take as directed by a physician.

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