Devadarvyarishtam Urinary Diseases

Devadarvyarishta is poly-herbal Ayurvedic medicine. Devadarvyarishtam is referenced from Bhaishajyaratnavali, and is indicated in Prameha rogadhikar. This medicine is useful in urinary disorders, vata roga, grahni, skin diseases, uterus disorders and pradar. It purifies blood and cures urinary diseases of various types.

Here is given more about this medicine, such as indication/therapeutic uses, ingredients and dosage.

Ingredients of Devadarvyarishtam

Devadaru (Ht. Wd.) 2.400 kg, Vasa (Rt.) 960 g Manjishtha (Rt.) 480 g, IndraYava (Kutaja) (Sd.) 480 g, Danti (Rt.) 480 g, Tagara (Rt.) 480 g, Haridra(Rz.) 480 g, Daruharidra (St.) 480 g, Rasna (Rt./Lf.) 480 g Vidanga (Fr.) 480 g, Musta (Rz.) 480 g, Sirisha (St. Bk.) 480 g, Khadira (Ht. Wd.) 480 g, Arjuna (St. Bk.) 480 g, Yavani (Fr.) 384 g, Vatsaka (Kutaja) (St. Bk.) 384 g, Chandana (Shveta Candana) (Ht. Wd.) 384 g, Giloy (St.) 384 g, Katuki (Rt./Rz.) 384 g, Citraka (Rt.) 384 g, Water for decoction 98.304 l reduced to 12.288 l, Dhataki (Fl.) 768 g, Madhu 14.400 kg

Prakshepa Dravyas

Sunthi (Rz.) 96 g, Marica (Fr.) 96 g, Pippali (Fr.) 96 g, Tvak (St. Bk.) 192 g, Ela (Sd.) 192 g, Patra (Tejapatra) (Lf.) 192 g, Priyangu (Fl.) 192 g, Nagakesara (Stmn.) 96 g

Uses of Devadarvyarishtam

  1. Urinary disorders
  2. Disease due to Vata dosha
  3. Haemorrhoids/piles
  4. Dysuria
  5. Taeniasis
  6. Malabsorption syndrome
  7. Pradar
  8. Post-patum diseases
  9. Sujak

The Dosage of Devadarvyarishtam

12 to 24 ml with an equal amount of water, twice a day after meals.

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