Dabur Odomos Mosquito Repellent cream

Odomos is mosquito repellent cream from Dabur. This cream gives effective protection from mosquito bites. It masks the body odour through which mosquitos locate and bite human. It is available as ointment, lotion, spray and gel. It is safe on skin and can be applied daily. It should be applied on exposed skin of children and adults while indoor or outdoor.  Odomos is even safe for babies.

Benefits of Odomos Mosquito Repellent cream

  • Does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Not get absorbed in the body through skin
  • Safe on babies
  • Good remedy to get protection from mosquito bites
  • Clinically proven formula which is harmless for humans

Composition of Mosquito Repellent cream

  • N,N-Diethyl benzamide, 12 % w/w cream base
  • N,N-Diethyl benzamide (DEB) is used as insect repellent.

How to use Mosquito Repellent cream

Apply Odomos on the exposed parts of the skin. This cream can be applied on clothes, bed sheets to get protection from mosquitoes. Do not apply near eyes, lips, mouth and on cut skin.

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