Dabur Lipistat For Healthy Lipid

Dabur Lipistat is very good Ayurvedic supplement for healthy lipid. Know what are the conditions in which this can be taken. Know Dabur Lipistat composition and directions to use.

Lipistat is clinically proven Ayurvedic herbal formulation to promote Hypolipidemia and to maintain an healthy cardiac function. Lipistat reduces high cholesterol, triglycerides as well as LDL and increases HDL levels in the blood thereby promoting a healthy blood circulation.

It’s key ingredients are well know herbal drugs used in the treatment of different cardiac health problems. Here are overview of it’s key ingredients.

1. Arjuna tree bark is well know drug to check cardiac problems (Old tree will be best because bark of old Arjuna is thick). It controls cholesterol level and strengthens heart muscles for proper functioning of Heart as the Arjuna Bark contains triterpene arjungenin, triterpene glucosides I, II and III, flavones – baicalein and arjunolone characterised as 6, 4’ – dihydraxy – 7-methoxy flavone, oxalic acid and tannins and complex glycosides.

2. Pushkarmool is a very well-known Ayurvedic herb, used in the treatment of heart diseases.

3. Guggulu is anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-cholestrolaemic and anti-obesity. It is one of the best natural substance for treating arthritis, hyper-cholesterol, bronchitis, cystitis, debility, diabetes. It is also useful in reducing obesity.

Dosage: One capsule twice daily

Benefits of Lipistat

    1. Saponin glycosides provide positive inotropic effect
      1. Accelerates conversion of LDL to Cholesterol
      2. Lowers Beta-lipoprotein lipid levels
        1. Promotes Healthy Prostaglandin levels
        2. Exerts potent cardio protective activity
        3. Increases excretion of Cholesterol and Bile acids
        4. Increases plasma fibrinolytic activity
        5. Arrests the development of arteriosclerosis
          1. Increases HDL to Total Cholesterol ratio
          2. Flavonoids and OPCs (Oligomeric Proantho cyandin) provide free radical scavenging and vascular strengthening activity.

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