Best 5 Ayurvedic Medicines for Stomach pain

Ayurvedic medicines are very effective in general stomach problem like gas and pain. List of some good Ayurvedic medicines to treat stomach pain.

Abdominal pain(Stomach pain) is common symptom of stomach problems. These can be caused by several reasons like weak digestion, acidity, infection etc. In Ayurveda their are many medicine to treat abdominal pain. Most of these medicines has no side effects. If pain remains for longer time or you are not getting any relief then you should consult some Doctor.

Shankh Vati

This medicine is based on ash of Shankh or Conch shell and very useful in treatment of various stomach problems like gulma, colic, indigestion,  abdominal pain, gas etc. One can take 1-2 tablets thrice a day with luke warm water or see the label of medicine. This is one of the best medicine for stomach related problems is manufactured by Baidyanath.

Pudin Hara

Pudin hara is based on peppermint which is very well known to cure abdominal gas, pain, indigestion etc. This is very famous proprietary Ayurvedic medicine from Dabur India and very effective for abdominal pain due to gas and indigestion. This medicine is available in liquid and pearl form. Children 18 drops to 1/4 teaspoon in water (10 tbsp). Adult 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in water (10 tbsp). Check the label for more accurate dosage.

Kumari Asava

Kumaryasava(Kumari Asva) is very good Ayurvedic medicine to treat stomach pain due to chronicConstipation,Hyperacidity. This medicine is also very good reduces risk of liver disorder and supplement for anaemia. This medicine can be taken 1 to 2 table spoonful (15 to 30ml) with equal quantity of water after meals.

Lavan Bhaskar churna

This Ayurvedic formulation is one of the most common OTC in India for improving digestion and for helping stomach to digest foods. Take 3 grams – once or twice in a day before food or after food. Do not over dosage this medicine as it can cause irritation and other problem in stomach. This medicine is also useful for rheumatism, dyspepsia, malabsorption syndrome, ageing pectoris, ptosis, disease of skin, splenic disorder, oedema, asthma, constipation and cure many other disease of the human body.

Home remedies

Abdominal pain can caused by acidity can be treated effectively with natural ayurvedic home remedies[here]. If stomach pain is unbearable and lost for long time then you must see a doctor.

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