Baheda Churna Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage

Baheda Churna is a herbal Ayurvedic medicine prepared from dried deseeded fruits of Terminalia belerica. The other common name of Baheda are Bibhitaka, Bahera, Vibhita and Beleric myrobalan. For the medicinal purpose only fruits of the tree are used. Baheda fruits has pungent, bitter, astringent taste and are hot in potency. Baheda Churna is useful in treating respiratory infections, constipation, ulcer, piles, etc.

Key Ingredients of Baheda Churna

  • Fruits of Terminalia belerica

Uses of Baheda Churna

  • Promotes digestive power
  • Cures ulcers, swelling
  • Useful in recurrent fever
  • Purgative, laxative, gastro-protective
  • Gives relief in cough, asthma, respiratory infections and piles

The Dosage of Baheda Churna

1/2 – 1 gm with water/honey, twice a day.

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