Ayurvedic Medicines for Nose Bleeding

Nosebleed or Epistaxis is condition of bleeding from nose. This condition is also known as Nakseer in common language in India. It can be caused due to injury on nose, dry climate, hot weather, high blood pressure and some other medical condition. It is very common during peak summer seasons, especially in children. Ayurveda says, the reason for nose bleeding is derangement of pitta/bile in the body. When Pitta is increased that can cause increased tendency to epistaxis.

This condition is not usually a serious condition and can be managed at home unless there is very heavy bleeding which is difficult to stop.

What to do in nosebleed

If a person is suffering from nose bleeding, then he/she should lie on bed and cold compress should be applied on nose. For preparing cold compress, few ice cube can be tied in cotton cloth. Person should drink cold water and must not blow nose.

In case, nosebleed occurs in an adult person, then he/she must look for other symptoms such as headaches, facial paralysis, pain in arm, etc. As these indicate high blood pressure. Generally a diastolic pressure more than 110 mm of Hg can cause bleeding from nose.

Here are few Ayurvedic ways to manage Nosebleed or Nakseer

  • Extract juice of any of these herbs Doob grass, onion, or tender pomegranate flower. Put few drops in nose.
  • Vasa Avaleha, a sweet jam like preparation, can be taken in a dose of 1 tsp, thrice a day.
  • Anu Taila, an Ayurvedic medicated oil can be put in nostril in a dose of 2-5 drops.
  • Amla Churna can be taken regularly in a dose of 1/2 tsp regularly. Amla is rich in vitamin C and balances aggravated vata and Pitta in the body.
  • Chayanprash can be taken in dosage of 1 tsp with cold milk.
  • Himalaya Styplon, is an Ayurvedic medicine for treating bleeding disorders. This medicine shows good result for epistaxis.

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