Ayurveda: Sundari Sakhi Syrup for women

Sundari Sakhi Syrup is very useful in women’s related health problems like west pain, anemia, tiredness, insomnia, inconsistent menses, ovary problems.

After extensive research and clinical trials Baidyanath has formulated sundarisakhi syp. It is non hormonal & safe. Regulates menstrual cycle, relieves the distress of dysmonorrhoea. Treats metrorrhagia. Helps to improve appetite, acts as mild laxative. Relieves spasm and pain . Reduces the inflammation of internal organ. Eliminates the deficiency of blood caused due to blood loss.


Anantamool, Khareti Panchang, Apamarg, Kapas-mool, Manjishta, Ashok Chhal, Amaltas, Gokhru, Gajar Beej, Shivlingi, Daru-Haridra, Muli Beej, Ajormoda, Dhai Phool, Gulab Phool, Palash, Pushpa, Kulonji, Ulatkambal, Nagarmotha, Punarnava, Ashvagandha.

How to use ?:
2 teaspoonful sundarisakhi with equal quantity of water after meals and sundari sakhi 1 tablet twice a day.sundari_shakti

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