Ayurveda and Wound Healing Diet

In Ayurveda Shushruta(Father of surgery) clearly mentioned about diet and it’s importance for wound healing process. Adequate and correct diet helps lot in wound healing process. For healing wound our body need several nutrients like protein, iron, carbohydrates, zinc, vitamins, amino acids and amino sugars and others. For this we need to eat a balanced diet.

Brief overview of nutrient importance in wound healing

Protein: Protein is essential for the growth and repair of the body tissue. Low protein levels will cause a decrease in collagen development and slow the wound healing process. Hence proper protein ntake will required.

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrate is a major source of calories for use by the body, and its availability is essential to prevent protein from being converted into energy.

Fats: Fats provide fuel for wound healing process.Fatty acids are a major component of cell membranes, and demands for essential fatty acids increase during wound healing.

Amino acids: The collagen fibers are made up of long chains of amino acids, of which one-third is glycine.

Iron: Iron is part of the system that provides oxygen to the site of the wound, therefore iron (Haemoglobin) deficiency can impair healing.

Vitamin A, C
Vitamin A increases the inflammatory response in wounds, stimulating collagen synthesis. Low -A levels can result in delayed wound healing.
Vitamin C is required for collagen fiber synthesis,a process vital for tissue repair and healing.

What we should should eat for wound healing ?

Always eat fresh cooked food with some fat(clarified butter of cow). Do not eat foods which can cause stomach upset. Try to eat hot liquid diet prepared from old grains(rice, wheat..) with cow ghee. Low fat meat or chicken should is also good for wound healing.

Old  Rice, Low fat Chicken, Leafy vegetable, Red variety of Amaranthus, Tender Radish, Brinjal(Egg Plant), Bitter gourd, Pomegranate, Gooseberries fried in cow ghee, Potassium chloride,Greengram, Potable drinking water). These grains, meat, vegetables and fruits are to be taken more during the wound healing process as mentioned in ayurveda.

What should avoided during wound healing?

Newly harvested grain/cereals, Blackgram, Sesame oil, Intake of food at inappropriate time, Excessive eating, Fasting, Horse gram,Variety of pea, Sour-salty & pungent foods,Dried meat, Dried vegetables, Animal fat, Alcohols, Mustard seeds.
These are the foods which should be avoided during wound healing time as mentioned in ayurveda.

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