Ashwagandharishta for neurological and mental disorders

Ashwagandharishta(Ashwagandharishtam) is ayurvedic preparation that is nerving tonic used in Neurological and mental disorders.

Ashwagandharishta (Ashwagandharishtam, Asvagandharishtam, Aswagandharishtam) is an Ayurvedic preparation that is nerving tonic used in neurological and mental disorders. It is a sexual stimulant.

The main ingredient of Ashwagandharishta is ashwagandha which is anti-aging, adaptogenic, immunomodulatory, sexual stimulant and used to treat anxiety, depression, stress, cardiovascular protection, hypothyroidism, etc.

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Arishta are basically fermented decoction in Ayurveda that are prepared by boiling herbs in water and then allowed fermentation that give them better therapeutic properties and improved drug delivery when consumed.

Ingredients/ Formulation composition of Ashwagandharishta

Sr. NameHindi NameLatin NamePartQuantity
1 Ashvagandhaअश्वगंधाWithania somniferaRoot2.4 kg
2 Musaliमुस्लीChlorophytum tuberosumRoot960 g
3 ManjishthaमंजीठRubia cordifoliaRoot480 g
4 HaritakiहरितकीTerminalia chebulaPericarp480 g
5 Haridraहल्दीCurcuma longaRhizome480 g
6 Daruharidraदारुहल्दीBerberis aristataStem480 g
7 Madhuka (YashtiI)मुलेठीGlycyrrhiza glabraRoot480 g
8 RasnaरसनाPluchea lanceolataRoot/Leaf480 g
9 VidariविदारीPueraria tuberosaRoot Trunk480 g
10 Partha (Arjuna)अर्जुनTerminalia arjunaStem Bark480 g
11 Mustaka (Musta)मोथाCyperus rotundusRhizome480 g
12 Trivritत्रिवृतIpomoea turpethumRoot480 g
13 Ananta (Shveta sarivaI)अनंतHemidesmus indicusRoot384 g
14 Krishna sarivaकृष्ण सारिवाCryptolepis buchananiRoot384 g
15 Shveta Candanaसफ़ेद चन्दनSantalum albumHeart Wood384 g
16 Rakta Candanaलाल चन्दनPterocarpus santalinusHeart Wood384 g
17 VacaवासाAcorus calamusRhizome384 g
18 Citrakaचित्रकPlumbago zeylanicaRoot384 g
19 Jalaपानीfor decoction Water98.304 literreduced to 12.288 liter
Prakshepa Dravyas
20 Makshika (Madhu)शहदHoney14.4 kg
21 DhatakiधातकीWoodfordia fruticoseFlower768 g
22 ShunthiसोंठZingiber officinaleRhizome96 g
23 Maricaकाली मिर्चPiper nigrumFruit96 g
24 Pippaliपिप्पलीPiper longumFruit96 g
25 TvakदालचीनीCinnamomum zeylanicumStem Bark192 g
26 Elaछोटी इलाइचीElettaria cardamomumSeed192 g
27 Patra (TejapatraI)तेज पत्रCinnamomum tamalaLeaf192 g
28 Priyanguप्रियंगुCallicarpa macrophyllaFlower192 g
29 Nagakesharaनाग केशरMesua ferreaStamen96 g

Method of preparation Ashwagandharishta

Take the raw materials of pharmacopoeial quality.

Wash, dry and powder the ingredients numbered 1 to 18 (Kvatha Dravya) of the formulation composition individually and pass through the sieve number 44 to obtain a coarse powder.Clean, dry and powder the ingredients numbered 22 to 29 (Prakshepa Dravya) of the formulation composition individually and pass through the sieve number 85 to obtain a fine powder. Add the specified amounts of water to the Kvatha Dravya, soak overnight, heat, reduce to one eighth and filter through a muslin cloth to obtain Kvatha. Allow to cool.

Transfer the filtrate to a clean container;add ingredient numbered 20, 21 of the formulation composition. Finally add the finely powdered Prakshepa Dravyas and seal the mouth of the container. Shift the container to the fermentation room and constantly check for the signs of completion of the fermentation process. Filter the fermented material through a clean muslin cloth. Pack in airtight containers and allow for maturation.

Description: Clear, dark brown liquid without frothing and significant sedimentation; with an astringent taste.

Storage: Store in a cool place in a tightly closed amber colored bottle, protect from light and moisture.

Benefits of Ashwagandharishta

  1. Its use gives ojus/vigour and vitality.
  2. It is a tonic/rasayan for the whole body and mind.
  3. It is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine to treat Signs and Symptoms of Nervous Disorders.
  4. It is also used to strengthen the immune system.
  5. It improves appetite and digestion.
  6. It nourishes all dhatu.
  7. It has an antioxidantproperties.

Therapeutic use of Ashwagandharishta

Ashwagandharishta is used as memory enhancer, appetizer and to promote physical and mental health. It improves reproductive health and treats sexual weakness, seminal problems and erectile dysfunction.

– Physical, Mental and Nervine debility

– Used in nervous debility

– Vataroga (neurological disorders) and mental disorders

– Loss of memory, Unmada/mania/psychosis, senile debility

– Murcha (syncope), Apasmara (epilepsy)

– Erectile dysfunction, oligospermia

– Shosha (cachexia), Karshya (emaciation)

– Arsha (piles), Agnimandya (digestive impairment)

The Dose of Ashwagandharishta

15 – 30 ml orally with an equal amount of water after meals twice a day.

Ashwagandharishta is manufactured by Dabur, Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan, Sandu, Patanjali Divya Pharmacy, Shree Dhootapapeshwar Limited (Ashwagandharishta), Oushadasala (Aswagandharishtam), Kottakkal (Aswagandharishtam), Rajah Ayurveda (Aswagandharishtam), Kerla Ayurveda, and some other pharmacies.

Where to buy

You can buy this medicine online or from medical stores.


  1. How much gap does we need to keep in between ashwagandharisth and allopathy medicine

  2. It’s good medicine I taking this 6months I suffered bone Tb and both hip joints r damaged this medicine take i walk in ?

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